Definition of whomp in English:



[with object]North American
  • 1Strike heavily; thump.

    ‘the two men slugged and whomped each other’
    • ‘It can be a bit hard to see who's being whomped by the Bat.’
    • ‘In a completely insane scene, Michelle starts whomping one of the attackers with a fire extinguisher.’
    • ‘You know they're just going to get whomped later.’
    • ‘Despite their large holdings, they didn't get whomped half as badly as Freddie did.’
    • ‘It's an impeccably produced work, with pristine production bringing forth the punch of every whomping bass drum.’
    • ‘My apologies for the screw-up and my thanks to Bob Heer and Steven Rowe, each of whom dropped me a nice note to whomp me upside the head about it.’
    • ‘A bill for universal health care could whomp small business’
    • ‘I opt to say nothing and assume that by whomping you over the head with a garbage-can lid, I'm really expressing everything that needs to be said.’
    • ‘He got whomped hard and gets back up as if nothing happened!’
    • ‘Bringing up its wings with a tremendous boom, it stopped right in the middle of the air, and whomped down onto the ground with surprising lightness for a creature of its girth.’
    • ‘Tell me this is just easy-listening and so help me I'll whomp you good.’
    • ‘With that, he whomps her across the room.’
    • ‘The bass player, whom you see pictured here, has the most whomping, throbbing, amped-up bass sound you're going to hear this side of Lightning Bolt.’
    • ‘The new release, Tino's Breaks 6 Hallowe'en Dub arrives just in time for the spooky season, full of whomping bass lines, booming kick drum, and festive Halloween sound samples.’
    • ‘The concept is established from the outset with an insistent ticking sound that persists throughout, soon joined by a whomping techno beat.’
    • ‘Number one, that has a negative effect on the other 10-year-old kids who are getting whomped.’
    • ‘George had whomped Timmy about the head three or four times whilst waiting.’
    • ‘Their target market consists of people who have recently been whomped in the head and who are thus willing to spend $3 on a can of soda.’
    strike, slap, smack, cuff, punch, beat, thrash, thump, batter, belabour, drub, hook, pound, smash, slam, welt, pummel, hammer, bang, knock, swat, whip, flog, cane, sucker-punch, rain blows on, give someone a beating, give someone a drubbing, give someone a good beating, give someone a good drubbing, box someone's ears
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    1. 1.1 Defeat decisively.
      ‘that was our last fight and I whomped him good’
      • ‘Thomas Jefferson won all but 14 electoral votes in 1804 and Teddy Roosevelt whomped the hapless Alton Parker in 1904.’
      • ‘Ten days later, Sam Houston's army caught up with Santa Anna and whomped him at the Battle of San Jacinto.’
      • ‘The Tractor boys had arrived at the final via a 6-1 quarter-final whomping of Millwall, and faced Arsenal.’
      • ‘Given that impetus, the Jets went on to whomp the Packers and gain the coveted spot in the playoff.’
      • ‘I told him I'd been campaign treasurer for Rudy Boschwitz in his second race against him, the one in which he had whomped Rudy.’
      • ‘For whomping Jeffries, Johnson earned $121,000.’
      • ‘She whomps the male agents in the gym in karate and judo workouts and packs a mean punch.’
      • ‘The A's whomped the Mariners 12-3, won the American League West pennant and secured their place in the playoffs.’
      • ‘In the first challenge, Taranaki whomped Golden Bay-Motueka 56-8, and in the second they beat mid-Canterbury 16-0.’
      • ‘Whereas in Texas, he is whomping Al Gore.’


North American
  • A dull, heavy sound.

    ‘the whomp of igniting gasoline’
    • ‘You can hear the whomp every time the ball flies past the batter and lands in the catcher's mitt.’
    • ‘That huge whomp you might have heard last June was the sound of the oil industry taking a solid hit in the chin.’
    • ‘Then, with a crack and a deafening whomp, the ground jumps.’
    • ‘Every single one is simply a scurrying shadow or quick image of a ghost accompanied by a loud whomp of scare noise from the orchestra.’
    blow, hit, punch, smack, thwack, slap, thrashing, bang, hiding, drubbing, lambasting, welt, cuff, box, crack
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Phrasal Verbs

  • whomp something up

    • Produce something quickly.

      ‘I might whomp up a couple of gallons of spaghetti sauce’
      • ‘And lots of folks are whomping them up for for free.’
      • ‘The list below represents the establishments that I normally buy my gun furniture and finishing supplies from when the shop doesn't craft or whomp them up.’
      • ‘But if it holds up, forget all the other ‘scandals’ getting whomped up out of next to nothing by desperate Democrats.’
      • ‘So pat yourselves on the back while Geoff and I whomp up a few terms for that equation.’
      • ‘But then, of course, they have to whomp up some reasons.’
      • ‘I'll whomp up some commentary on his stuff eventually; this is all about getting him more traffic.’
      • ‘I never thought I could have Ableskeevers again, but Jim somehow whomped them up with almond flour!’
      • ‘You'd never get the feeling that the government counter-terrorists are trying to whomp up business for themselves, would you?’
      • ‘To illustrate this, I whomped up the following table.’


1920s: imitative.