Definition of whomp in English:



[with object]North American
  • 1Strike heavily; thump.

    ‘the two men slugged and whomped each other’
    • ‘With that, he whomps her across the room.’
    • ‘My apologies for the screw-up and my thanks to Bob Heer and Steven Rowe, each of whom dropped me a nice note to whomp me upside the head about it.’
    • ‘I opt to say nothing and assume that by whomping you over the head with a garbage-can lid, I'm really expressing everything that needs to be said.’
    • ‘The new release, Tino's Breaks 6 Hallowe'en Dub arrives just in time for the spooky season, full of whomping bass lines, booming kick drum, and festive Halloween sound samples.’
    • ‘It can be a bit hard to see who's being whomped by the Bat.’
    • ‘A bill for universal health care could whomp small business’
    • ‘Bringing up its wings with a tremendous boom, it stopped right in the middle of the air, and whomped down onto the ground with surprising lightness for a creature of its girth.’
    • ‘The bass player, whom you see pictured here, has the most whomping, throbbing, amped-up bass sound you're going to hear this side of Lightning Bolt.’
    • ‘Number one, that has a negative effect on the other 10-year-old kids who are getting whomped.’
    • ‘George had whomped Timmy about the head three or four times whilst waiting.’
    • ‘In a completely insane scene, Michelle starts whomping one of the attackers with a fire extinguisher.’
    • ‘You know they're just going to get whomped later.’
    • ‘Their target market consists of people who have recently been whomped in the head and who are thus willing to spend $3 on a can of soda.’
    • ‘He got whomped hard and gets back up as if nothing happened!’
    • ‘Tell me this is just easy-listening and so help me I'll whomp you good.’
    • ‘It's an impeccably produced work, with pristine production bringing forth the punch of every whomping bass drum.’
    • ‘The concept is established from the outset with an insistent ticking sound that persists throughout, soon joined by a whomping techno beat.’
    • ‘Despite their large holdings, they didn't get whomped half as badly as Freddie did.’
    strike, slap, smack, cuff, punch, beat, thrash, thump, batter, belabour, drub, hook, pound, smash, slam, welt, pummel, hammer, bang, knock, swat, whip, flog, cane, sucker-punch, rain blows on, give someone a beating, give someone a drubbing, give someone a good beating, give someone a good drubbing, box someone's ears
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    1. 1.1 Defeat decisively.
      ‘that was our last fight and I whomped him good’
      • ‘In the first challenge, Taranaki whomped Golden Bay-Motueka 56-8, and in the second they beat mid-Canterbury 16-0.’
      • ‘Whereas in Texas, he is whomping Al Gore.’
      • ‘Given that impetus, the Jets went on to whomp the Packers and gain the coveted spot in the playoff.’
      • ‘The A's whomped the Mariners 12-3, won the American League West pennant and secured their place in the playoffs.’
      • ‘She whomps the male agents in the gym in karate and judo workouts and packs a mean punch.’
      • ‘Ten days later, Sam Houston's army caught up with Santa Anna and whomped him at the Battle of San Jacinto.’
      • ‘The Tractor boys had arrived at the final via a 6-1 quarter-final whomping of Millwall, and faced Arsenal.’
      • ‘Thomas Jefferson won all but 14 electoral votes in 1804 and Teddy Roosevelt whomped the hapless Alton Parker in 1904.’
      • ‘For whomping Jeffries, Johnson earned $121,000.’
      • ‘I told him I'd been campaign treasurer for Rudy Boschwitz in his second race against him, the one in which he had whomped Rudy.’


North American
  • A dull, heavy sound.

    ‘the whomp of igniting gasoline’
    • ‘Then, with a crack and a deafening whomp, the ground jumps.’
    • ‘Every single one is simply a scurrying shadow or quick image of a ghost accompanied by a loud whomp of scare noise from the orchestra.’
    • ‘That huge whomp you might have heard last June was the sound of the oil industry taking a solid hit in the chin.’
    • ‘You can hear the whomp every time the ball flies past the batter and lands in the catcher's mitt.’
    blow, hit, punch, smack, thwack, slap, thrashing, bang, hiding, drubbing, lambasting, welt, cuff, box, crack
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Phrasal Verbs

  • whomp something up

    • Produce something quickly.

      ‘I might whomp up a couple of gallons of spaghetti sauce’
      • ‘I'll whomp up some commentary on his stuff eventually; this is all about getting him more traffic.’
      • ‘The list below represents the establishments that I normally buy my gun furniture and finishing supplies from when the shop doesn't craft or whomp them up.’
      • ‘To illustrate this, I whomped up the following table.’
      • ‘So pat yourselves on the back while Geoff and I whomp up a few terms for that equation.’
      • ‘But then, of course, they have to whomp up some reasons.’
      • ‘You'd never get the feeling that the government counter-terrorists are trying to whomp up business for themselves, would you?’
      • ‘And lots of folks are whomping them up for for free.’
      • ‘But if it holds up, forget all the other ‘scandals’ getting whomped up out of next to nothing by desperate Democrats.’
      • ‘I never thought I could have Ableskeevers again, but Jim somehow whomped them up with almond flour!’


1920s: imitative.