Definition of wholewheat in English:



mass noun
  • Whole grains of wheat including the husk or outer layer.

    • ‘Good sources include wholegrains (brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholewheat pasta), nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables.’
    • ‘A special low fat diet isn't normally necessary, but it is important to eat a balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables and wholewheat grains.’
    • ‘There are days when I'll just have omelette for protein and toast - I seldom grill the eggs, but I do grill the wholewheat bread.’
    • ‘These breads will usually list wholewheat flour as the first ingredient.’
    • ‘It is always made with light, white flour, rather than wholewheat flour, and the dough is slightly sweetened with sugar.’
    • ‘Zinc supplementation may reduce copper absorption, while various foods interfere with zinc absorption, including soya, cow's milk, iron supplements, wholewheat bread and bran.’
    • ‘Their delicate flavor was overpowered by wholewheat flour used in the batter.’
    • ‘I found some Western Sierra wholewheat pitta breads in the freezer.’
    • ‘Eat unrefined starches like wholemeal bread, brown rice and wholewheat pasta.’
    • ‘As to the bread, try the wholewheat chapatti, a thin patty baked on a griddle - very nice.’
    • ‘They've used wholewheat flour which gives it texture and a wholesome feel.’
    • ‘For instance, some people have trouble adapting to wholewheat pasta.’
    • ‘A toasty wholewheat base with no red sauce is topped with a mountain of garlicky mushrooms.’
    • ‘At home, I promptly put on a pot of water with plenty of salt, and started boiling my wholewheat linguini which is not only fairly healthy, it has an amazing nutty flavor and a great texture.’
    • ‘Bread that contains wholewheat grains is harder for the gut to digest and supplies a more gradual release of energy, which is better for you than high-GI, eg white, bread.’
    • ‘If you like your peanut butter sandwich on white bread, with butter on each slice, your nutritional status is going to be lower than someone who skips the butter and goes wholewheat.’
    • ‘Folic acid is also found in dark green vegetables, oranges, wholewheat breads and breakfast cereals.’
    • ‘Serve with wholewheat tortillas and garnish with cilantro.’
    • ‘Any wholewheat (or any other for that matter) pasta is fine, though fettuccine is my favourite.’
    • ‘Compared to its refined counterpart, wholewheat pasta gives a slower, more sustained release of energy into the bloodstream, is higher in fibre and more nutritious too.’


  • Denoting or made from wholewheat.

    ‘wholewheat bread’