Definition of whittler in English:



  • See whittle

    • ‘Over 400 designers, weavers, whittlers, cooks, carpenters, candle-makers, glass-blowers and viz-artists are packing 'em in at Montreal's biggest, best known and probably priciest craft fair.’
    • ‘Without much delay, Rahaena's army of monster hunters and mercenaries charged forward, chipping away at the retreating legion like a whittler at wood.’
    • ‘Not about that fact that whittling was involved, nor perhaps on the skill and artistry of my fellow whittlers, but the fact that I could ever hope to produce anything.’
    • ‘I happen to be a whittler because I needed a device.’
    • ‘Less exalted were the humble whittlers, and in between were joiners and cabinetmakers, who were the only woodworkers paid for their efforts.’