Definition of Whitsun in English:



  • Whitsuntide.

    • ‘Almost the whole village turned out for the annual Whitsun Walk.’
    • ‘According to John, what most people see is Cotswold Morris, which is traditionally performed at Whitsun.’
    • ‘A brochure for 2005 will be distributed before Whitsun, and will include events.’
    • ‘Pentecost is also called Whitsun, Whitsunday, or Whit Sunday, especially in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘For many years after the Marlborough carnival week was revived in the early 1970s it was held at Whitsun with the procession on the Saturday at the end of half-term week.’
    • ‘In Saxon and Norman times, a good deal of public business was done at crown-wearings, ceremonial occasions at Christmas, Easter, and Whitsun.’
    • ‘In recent times Whitsun has been somewhat been shouldered aside by the secular Spring Bank Holiday.’
    • ‘Have a fun Whitsun at Crystal.’
    • ‘I won't be parading this Monday either, the second day of Whitsun, but - since I don't work on Friday - it does mean I have a four-day, totally unplanned break coming up.’
    • ‘In a fever of modernisation 30 years ago, this long weekend's place in the calendar was in any case divorced from Whitsun, which was the original excuse.’
    • ‘This Whitsun, its all about goals with FITC Striker Courses going on the road to a venue near you.’
    • ‘From his window there he was able to paint the Londoners who had come down to enjoy Whitsun at Kew Gardens in Bank Holiday at Kew.’
    • ‘The reunion will be held at Whitsun which was the original Founder's Day.’
    • ‘As a result of the general flaunting of the policy [to ban swimming] there have been a number of near fatalities in the lake with three incidents requiring hospital treatment in the week around Whitsun.’
    • ‘Should we have stuck to the Whitsun holiday?’
    • ‘At Whitsun 1307 Edward summoned his last invasion.’
    • ‘Whitsun was the time for walks and processions.’
    • ‘Oak-Apple Day at Great Wishford can be traced back to 1603 and was originally celebrated at Whitsun.’
    • ‘Reunion was always traditionally held at Whitsun so, anyone interested, please keep your diaries free for the end of May Bank Holiday Monday and let's make it another success.’


Middle English: from Whit Sunday, reduced as if from Whitsun Day.