Definition of Whitley Council in English:

Whitley Council


  • A negotiating body for discussing and settling matters of industrial relations, pay and conditions, and related issues.

    • ‘This council will replace the relevant functions of the Whitley Councils covering non-Review Body staff.’
    • ‘This Advance Letter sets out the agreement reached by the Ancillary Staffs Whitley Council on increases to rates of pay for the year 2000 / 2001.’
    • ‘The General Whitley Council (GWC) has reached a new agreement which supersedes Sections 7 to 13 of its Handbook.’
    • ‘The war time production committees and Whitley Councils should surely have taught this lesson.’
    • ‘Where an employee is made redundant aged over 50, with at least 5 years reckonable service in the NHS Pension Scheme, the Whitley Council agreement provides for enhanced redundancy benefits.’
    • ‘Members of non-academic staff employed in clinical departments on Whitley Council scales who wish to find out more about the role of the Directly-Elected representatives are welcome to contact Mr John Kirwan, in Personnel Services.’
    • ‘Two pharmacists have lower pay under ‘Agenda for change’ than with Whitley Council, although their current salaries are protected.’
    • ‘BPS refused to pay them the benefits provided for under Section 46 of the Whitley Council Agreement.’
    • ‘Obviously, and I think up to now, when Whitley Council makes recommendations, those recommendations are accepted.’
    • ‘Historically NHS employees pay and terms and conditions were determined by General Whitley Council and 38 different functional Whitley Councils for different disciplines.’
    • ‘Area Whitley Councils discuss issues affecting the terms and conditions of staff within the particular Area.’
    • ‘The Whitley Councils pay scales have traditionally been used by many practices to set remuneration levels for their employees.’
    • ‘Advance letters give details of agreements reached by Whitley Councils and negotiating bodies on terms and conditions of service for the main groups of staff working in the health services.’


Early 20th century: named after John H. Whitley (1866–1935), chairman of a committee (1916) which recommended such bodies.


Whitley Council