Definition of whiteness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The property or quality of being white in colour.

    ‘a landscape dominated by the whiteness of snow’
    • ‘The second-most important category of pork attributes includes color of meat, lack of fat, and the whiteness of fat.’
    • ‘The state of abandonment and dilapidation seems to contradict the antiseptic whiteness of the toy structures.’
    • ‘Proper melting, whiteness, and browning are still problematic in manufacturing low-fat mozzarella.’
    • ‘The modernist whiteness of the walls, a classic ploy for downplaying the surface, becomes painful after a while.’
    • ‘Glimpses of blues, greens, reds, and umbers scintillate, emphasizing the whiteness of the gorgeously textured fields.’
    • ‘The unremitting whiteness of the walls is anchored by a black marble floor.’
    • ‘His lips are open, and his two front teeth gleam with an otherworldly whiteness.’
    • ‘A device called a reflectometer is used to measure the degree of whiteness in processed tuber samples destined to become chips.’
    • ‘Among its many uses, kaolin gives paper its whiteness and is used in paint, pottery, and cosmetics.’
    • ‘Clouds of splatters and drips at once rise, float, and fall through the canvas's deep whiteness like colored smoke in the night sky after fireworks.’
    1. 1.1 The quality of being very pale.
      ‘the whiteness of her skin, like fine porcelain’
      • ‘I see a face beaming with charms, fine blue eyes full of sweetness, a complexion whose whiteness dazzled—for that instant, I was hers!’
      • ‘Its whiteness shocks me like a cameras flash and will be the first thing Ill think of when, within months, John tells me that his father has left for another woman.’
      • ‘It is in fact, her name being called by the dying man in the waking world, where the whiteness of his face is likened to the snow of her dream.’
      • ‘His erect attitude and sickly whiteness of face, flowing white hair, and spiritual aspect gave him the appearance of a grand old saint.’
      • ‘He didn’t turn around to see the panic on my face and the whiteness of my knuckles as I held on for my life.’
      • ‘She recognized that frantic terror in the whiteness of his face and the way his hands fretted in his lap.’
      • ‘He was vast, tall as a mountain—a mountain of black, topped by the stark whiteness of his face.’
      • ‘In Spain, the whiteness of her complexion was remarked.’
      • ‘When we swam in our pool, Louis was conspicuous by the whiteness of his skin.’
      • ‘His features were handsome, and the whiteness of his stout throat was well set off by a black cravat.’
  • 2The fact or state of belonging to a human group having light-coloured skin.

    ‘whiteness was defined as both a racial and a regional characteristic’
    • ‘She has suggested that the first step in getting white people to think about racism is for them to recognize their whiteness.’
    • ‘They engage the racialized politics of modernist representation through abstraction, consciously challenging the presumed whiteness of the tradition.’
    • ‘The artist clearly had a sophisticated understanding of the ways in which whiteness functions in our culture.’
    • ‘They conceived of ethnicity only in terms of the Other, as if there were no ethnicity to whiteness.’
    • ‘Whenever I hear someone declare their whiteness, I paddle furiously in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘The work situates the viewer in the arena of contemporary race discourse, particularly in relation to "representing whiteness."’
    • ‘Unquestioned, whiteness provides the models by which the Western subject judges culture.’
    • ‘Unlike European whiteness, American whiteness is generic.’
    • ‘What do we understand about the discourse of race, particularly about "whiteness"?’
    • ‘The project assigns its white subjects a place in the relations of racism by presenting whiteness in two significant ways.’