Definition of whitecap in English:



usually whitecaps
North American
  • A small wave with a foamy white crest.

    ‘the wind pushed whitecaps across the surface of the water’
    • ‘Offshore, breakers swelled in the whitecaps and then crashed in the shallow water, strong enough to body surf for twenty yards.’
    • ‘Whether a coast is perceived may depend on the height of bird, the amount of moonlight, or presence of whitecaps.’
    • ‘Wherever possible, he writes with a seaman's lingo of seaways, gunwales, swells and whitecaps.’
    • ‘The wind was blowing hard, driving big waves before it and occasionally pushing whitecaps over their tops.’
    • ‘The wind picked up on Sunday putting some whitecaps on some swells off shore and then mother nature unleashed a storm that was very out of character for this time of year.’
    • ‘‘It's getting rough,’ she observed to herself, seeing whitecaps breaking on the water in the distance.’
    • ‘The squall that had blown in just as we left the mainland was now peeling spray off the whitecaps, and I was drenched.’
    • ‘If you imagine the ground as the surface of a sea, these waves range from ripples to choppy whitecaps to long, slow swells.’
    • ‘Short, shallow fetches prevent major whitecaps on small bodies of water, and a leeward shoreline always is within reach.’
    • ‘The wind lashed the water into a choppy expanse of whitecaps.’
    • ‘The bright colors of their sails flashed across the whitecaps before disappearing in the heavy swells.’
    • ‘At high tide, the little bay looks deep and blue and can even develop some modest whitecaps.’
    • ‘Paddling on the river is easy and relaxing - until winds at 30 miles per hour transform the waters into whitecaps breaking over the bow of your little kayak.’
    • ‘Two years later I sat in the little town of Loreto watching the whitecaps blow over the ocean.’
    • ‘Far off, other mountain peaks descended into smaller whitecaps and waves of hills that broke against the base of Cadillac Mountain.’
    • ‘The blue, blue sea, specked with whitecaps, the dramatic, green-clad peaks, and the colorful beachside villages look (especially from about a mile away) like a dream come true.’
    • ‘The sky blazed blue, and the ocean glittered with foam from little whitecaps - it was just windy enough to cause them.’
    • ‘Jake accepted the pole from Abby, and the two quietly watched the whitecaps in the bay, while the clouds lazily drifted overhead.’
    • ‘I can see whitecaps out on the water, but the ship rides so smooth that I can hardly tell we're underway.’
    • ‘The wind was blowing (you can tell from the whitecaps on the waves), the clouds were low, and it was raining.’
    breaker, billow, roller, comber, ripple, white horse, white cap
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