Definition of white label in English:

white label


  • A vinyl record which is supplied with a plain white label before general release for promotional purposes.

    • ‘Music makers were encouraged via the website to send in their demos and white labels to Radio 1 for the opportunity to be played on the station.’
    • ‘Following Skinner's development of a hugely original style, cool garage label Locked On put out 1,000 white labels and DJs such as Gilles Petersen went absolutely bananas.’
    • ‘Which means that all of us who aren't prowling Manhattan's East Village for white labels will have the pleasure of the Princess' company.’
    • ‘What you get when you buy ‘Nordic Days‘is a collection of new tracks, b-sides, remixes and white labels.’
    • ‘Word has it this cutie was doing sizeable damage as a limited white label at the tail end of last year.’
    • ‘I'm preparing for the very large and apparently very popular gig tonight by revisiting my UKG compilation CD's and white labels.’
    • ‘But its foray didn't gain traction in the face of competition from the fleet-footed white labels.’
    • ‘I showcased at The Cobden Club, celebrating the release of my white label - a cover of Joe Jackson's ‘Steppin Out’.’
    • ‘We're still doing mixtapes and white labels all the time.’
    • ‘Now, he is concentrating his energies on hip-hop, producing his own videos, distributing white labels, mixtapes and founding his Illa State label.’
    • ‘‘Little Man’ had the overhaul from UK garage star Wookie and sold 10,000 white labels to the dance music underground.’
    • ‘I remember when it was just a few white labels and look now!’
    • ‘He has a regular slot as a DJ at the local club and regularly boasts about the number of white labels that he has.’
    • ‘Grime entrepreneurialism has kept strictly yardish and short-term, based on white labels and appearances at raves.’
    • ‘Plus business and legal advice and information on how to get your EP or white label into the shops’
    • ‘And it's why they are more likely to hear The Who or White Stripes than the latest achingly chic techno white label, all topped off with ‘silent fireworks’ and various other rock-show trimmings.’
    • ‘Rob's first release was a self released white label entitled M.N.F for U.S consumption.’
    • ‘We'd done our release - the white label - on July 14th 1989 and then we remixed the track off that EP and brought that out in November of 1989.’
    • ‘Many producers bring white labels of their latest tunes fresh from the pressing plant and sell them exclusively at Rhythm Division before distributing them elsewhere.’
    • ‘Well, at least when they're not listening to white labels or reading Kierkegaard dissertations.’
    • ‘A track from this will appear on 7inch single on the white label alongside Ann Shenton, and Kings Have Long Arms.’
    • ‘I was making white labels then, a mix of reggae and hip-hop.’
    • ‘A place where limited editions, white labels, one-offs and addresses on the backs of hands congregate to explode the myth of monoculture.’
    • ‘Each of the white labels issued generated some slight interest in the track.’
    • ‘If you look closely, you can see them scouring second-hand stores, looking for buried treasure, scurrying from one specialty store to another, or muttering amongst themselves about imports and white labels.’
    • ‘Just ask John Peel who included a white label of the album in his record box at the turn of the year as well as providing substantial support and airplay.’