Definition of whisky jack in English:

whisky jack


  • another term for grey jay
    • ‘Moose, elks, black bears, wolves, pumas, groundhogs, squirrels, beavers, whisky jacks, sandhill cranes, ravens and bald eagles are seen frequently.’
    • ‘In camp, entertainment by chipmunks, red squirrels, whisky jacks, and snowshoe hares will keep you chuckling.’
    • ‘Chimpanzees and whisky jacks share the habit of assembling jumbles of trash.’
    • ‘There is a downy woodpecker on one of the birdfeeders and whisky jacks darting across the frosty boughs.’


Late 18th century: alteration of whisky john, corruption of Cree wiskatjan, Montagnais wi:skača:n ‘blacksmith’, possibly with reference to the grey and black plumage.