Definition of whirlpool in English:



  • 1A quickly rotating mass of water in a river or sea into which objects may be drawn, typically caused by the meeting of conflicting currents.

    • ‘He miscalculated the tides and the whirlpool dragged the outboard engine off his boat and capsized it.’
    • ‘She watched the currents rush into whirlpools and swirl and swirl until they bumped into the next whirlpool, finally disappearing hundreds of feet beneath the water.’
    • ‘The victims died when their raft was swept into a whirlpool during a trip down the Salzach river in 1999.’
    • ‘The crew have survived force eight gales and 50 ft-high waves, whirlpools, rip-tides and even a water shortage caused by a lack of sunshine to power solar panels.’
    • ‘It has an outdoor pool and sun terrace, indoor pool with health and beauty complex, whirlpool, Sauna and solarium.’
    • ‘Swimming as he never had done before in his life, Winton made it out of the main current and into another whirlpool.’
    • ‘Noca jumped out of the boat, which was quickly drawn into the whirlpool.’
    • ‘Powerful whirlpools have killed seafarers and devoured an occasional small boat - but not Ulysses' 20-oar galley nor modern ships.’
    • ‘Quickly, a whirlpool began to form at the center of the river.’
    • ‘After a few minutes of hard rowing, she was directly east of the whirlpool, but only fifty feet away.’
    • ‘Local fishing crews had told him of the Lombok Strait's fiendishly shifting currents, vicious whirlpools, and unexpected waves far from shore.’
    • ‘He gestures to eddying whirlpools and rapids shooting through jagged rocks on both sides of the river, which is so narrow two ships could hardly pass each other.’
    • ‘After the Sirens are the drifting rocks which must be avoided by taking a route that goes past Scylla, a six-headed monster, and Charybdis, a whirlpool.’
    • ‘The rest of it flow backwards against the natural flow of the river creating a small whirlpool effect.’
    • ‘Huge currents flowing past islands and peninsulas generate enormous swirls in their wake, occasionally casting off giant whirlpools.’
    • ‘We stood on a cliff at the southern tip of Deer Island, staring down at the rips, eddies, and whirlpools tearing through the water below.’
    • ‘The thunder and lightning had abated for the time being, and now the rain was falling in slashing torrents, turning the streets into rivers, grates and drains into gurgling whirlpools and eddies.’
    • ‘Considering the strong currents and whirlpools, the north-east side proved surprisingly silty but the south side was completely different.’
    eddy, vortex, maelstrom, swirl, whirl
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    1. 1.1 A turbulent situation from which it is hard to escape.
      ‘he was drawing her down into an emotional whirlpool’
      • ‘Masses of people all over the world find themselves caught up in some kind of a whirlpool, in a situation where they are turned this way and that by forces they do not control and which no one appears to control.’
      • ‘He found himself in a whirlpool of inward conflict.’
      • ‘What they should not be doing is timidly dipping their toes in the political whirlpool and withdrawing them quickly, as soon as they realize that the water is colder than they had imagined.’
  • 2A heated pool in which hot aerated water is continuously circulated.

    • ‘Each spa cottage features a private sauna, still pool, whirlpool, and footbath as well a solarium and a water bed.’
    • ‘It had a shower and a separate whirlpool complete with several colorful bottles of shampoo, bubble bath, and sweet-smelling soaps.’
    • ‘After a morning on the slopes, relax in the chalet's exquisite solarium where you can enjoy the beauty and activity of the great outdoors from the lap pool, whirlpool, sauna, or fitness room.’
    • ‘The second day of the trip is set aside for the team to enjoy the hotel's leisure centre, which has a sauna, whirlpool and indoor swimming pool.’
    • ‘Everything is on one floor, so from where I sit I can see the locker room, a small parlour area, and a whirlpool, which fits a dozen comfortably.’
    • ‘For those in search of deep comfort after a hard day on the slopes, there is a new luxury hotel, the Four Seasons, which boasts outdoor swimming-pools and whirlpools, as well as in-room massages and spa treatments.’
    • ‘We swam for about an hour, using mainly the indoor pool and adjacent whirlpool.’
    • ‘It comes hot on the heels of a £1.5 million investment at the hotel to provide a leisure facility, including swimming pool, whirlpool, large gym and sauna.’
    • ‘It has recently refurbished its pool complex to include a fitness pool, a whirlpool and a new spa with a wide range of treatments.’
    • ‘Suites aboard the ship are outfitted with whirlpools and personal verandas, providing passengers a restful location from which to view Alaska's unique wildlife and dazzling landscape.’
    • ‘They can sit in our whirlpool, unwind in our sauna, or play pool if they like.’
    • ‘It is luxurious and quiet with a range of facilities including its own private beach and a seawater pool and whirlpool overlooking the sea.’
    • ‘After checking in, they can cool off in the pool, whirlpool or, if it's not hot enough in the 30 degrees-plus temperature, they can unwind in the sauna.’
    • ‘After about five or six very enjoyable minutes, I emerged from the whirlpool, telling the attendant how relaxing the experience had been.’
    • ‘I then caught the shuttle to my hotel and hit the pool and whirlpool.’
    • ‘When work is done, recreation facilities include a fitness centre and spa, indoor pool and whirlpool with a landscaped garden, as well as private massage and treatment rooms.’
    • ‘Adjacent to that is a pool, whirlpool and sauna.’
    • ‘The swimming pool incorporates a therapeutic whirlpool and massage seats.’
    • ‘My nerves, still shredded from the bruising motorway journey North, gradually soothed as I lay back in the warm, soporific waters of the outdoor whirlpool, staring at the inky black night sky.’
    • ‘The Druids Glen Marriott hotel & country club has an 18-metre swimming pool, whirlpool, solarium and steam room.’
    spa bath, hot tub
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