Definition of whipping in English:



  • 1A thrashing or beating with a whip or similar implement.

    ‘she saw scars on his back from the whippings’
    [mass noun] ‘whipping was to be abolished as a punishment’
    • ‘This particular punishment, called caning, is common practice in many foreign countries and seems unmistakably similar to the whippings a parent would use to reprimand a child in order to instil proper moral values.’
    • ‘The intensity and constant focus on the blood, the whippings and the degradation was so excessive that it seemed to me to be unnaturally fetishist.’
    • ‘Goodman also suggested that whippings or canings should be brought back for children who get into trouble.’
    • ‘There is lots of physical abuse; slapping, beating, and whippings, and woman are raped and ravaged repeatedly with no rhyme or reason.’
    • ‘They are also charged with causing grievous harm, which carries a heavier penalty of a maximum 20-year jail and fine or whipping.’
    • ‘Given white Louisianians' frequent use of beatings, whippings, and lynchings, it should not be surprising that African Americans also resorted to aggressive tactics.’
    • ‘Nannie also commented on his cruel treatment; she had left him once and then returned, but after being threatened with whippings, left for good.’
    • ‘Just days before the whippings, however, the girls were issued their visas.’
    • ‘In Gibson's film, Jesus is reduced to little more than a lump of meat, the victim of whippings and abuse whose physical suffering is shown in gruesome detail.’
    • ‘She worked as a literate domestic slave in close contact with several masters and mistresses from whom she suffered whippings, beatings, and sexual abuse.’
    • ‘When she heard of the whippings I received after disobeying my father, she squealed in fright and then cringed at the thought of me not receiving food for 3 days.’
    • ‘She had a whole range of interesting scars across her back from his whippings.’
    • ‘He relishes beating his slaves and even considers the whippings his religious duty.’
    • ‘Her novel, therefore, focused on the ghastly points of slavery, including the whippings, beatings, and forced sexual encounters brought upon slaves by their masters.’
    • ‘It might look slightly messy, but then again, I always find whippings that come undone look messy too’
    • ‘For example, his grandmother seems to have been classically repressed and sublimated her tensions by repeated whippings of Paul.’
    • ‘It is punctuated by public floggings and whippings.’
    • ‘The choice of whipping underscored the attempt to continue an antebellum form of punishment and to reinvent techniques to control the black body.’
    • ‘These were not only lynching photos, but brutal whippings, and they also burned blacks alive.’
    • ‘Ministry of Interior officials were responsible for most incidents of abuse of prisoners, including beatings, whippings, and sleep deprivation.’
    lashing, flogging, scourging, flagellation, switching, birching, strapping, belting, caning, thrashing, tanning, hiding, beating, leathering
    the lash, the scourge, the birch, the switch, the cane
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  • 2[mass noun] Cord or twine used to bind or cover a rope.

    • ‘I would finger varnish the whippings with, on average, eight coats of varnish leaving a day between each coat to dry.’