Definition of whichever in English:


pronoun & relative determiner

  • 1Used to emphasize a lack of restriction in selecting one of a definite set of alternatives.

    as determiner ‘choose whichever brand you prefer’
    as pronoun ‘their pension should be increased annually in line with earnings or prices, whichever is the higher’
    • ‘So whichever side is unhappy with the verdict or the outcome, they will ask the jury to be polled.’
    • ‘In whichever way you choose to help out, I'm sure that the tax benefit of giving is the last thing on your mind.’
    • ‘People who are willing to shout, wave signs, march and sing for whichever cause is being flouted at the time.’
    • ‘Body decoration is a primal and innate part of the human psyche, whichever way it chooses to express itself.’
    • ‘By whichever measure one chooses, Russell, who contemplated many universes, is a great mind.’
    • ‘Officials are keen to point out that whichever design is selected will provide only a blueprint for whatever is finally built.’
    • ‘Costs hidden in the seams of communist systems must be paid, whichever reform strategy is chosen.’
    • ‘Each has its advantages but whichever one the producer chooses is certain to alienate some section of the public.’
    • ‘They will wield whatever power is necessary to do it, undermine whichever country when it seems useful to do so.’
    • ‘Choose whichever suits you best after discussing your options with your GP or counsellor.’
    • ‘Every patient should be offered an outpatient appointment at Ashford or St Peter's, whichever they prefer.’
    • ‘Once it goes outside that then it becomes the jurisdiction of whichever territorial waters it's in.’
    • ‘The Indian wars are all but over, and the West has been tamed, or destroyed, whichever you prefer.’
    • ‘All you need do is open whichever book you choose, and it will speak to you and tell its stories.’
    • ‘Our call is to serve God in whichever way he has equipped us to do so.’
    • ‘Potential customers can get in touch via e-mail, phone, POST whichever the seller prefers.’
    • ‘The player who came first takes whichever of these she prefers and adds it to her hand, leaving the other for the runner-up.’
    • ‘It is incorrect, however, to choose whichever analysis gives a more significant finding.’
    • ‘Maybe she had left me a clue for finding her, or maybe it was a mistake, but I intended to make use of it whichever was the case!’
    • ‘He hadn't decided which film to make, he added, but whichever story he chose he'd cast me.’
    whichever, whichever comes to hand, no matter which, never mind which
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    1. 1.1 Regardless of which.
      as determiner ‘they were in a position to intercept him whichever way he ran’
      as pronoun ‘whichever they choose, we must accept it’