Definition of wheel clamp in English:

wheel clamp


  • A device for immobilizing an illegally parked car.

    • ‘Similarly, where boats are kept on trailers without wheel clamps, and disappear in the night, you can kiss goodbye to a claim.’
    • ‘Now Nicola is demanding to know why a bailiff charged her more than £400 to release a wheel clamp.’
    • ‘He had to pay for a wheel clamp to be removed in early April and despite reassurances has still not seen a penny of his £95 back.’
    • ‘Charges for the removal of a wheel clamp are also being doubled from £25 to £50.’
    • ‘Simply to deny P the use of his property, for example, by placing a wheel clamp on his car, does not amount to damage.’
    • ‘There are at least 3 types of wheel clamp, Hanson, Triangle and Dutch.’
    • ‘Again, physical security should be considered here - from chain locks for trailers and even yard gates, to wheel clamps and locking posts for the light commercials.’
    • ‘He then shut the door and indicated the wheel clamp on the car.’
    • ‘On whose authority are these wheel clamps directed?’
    • ‘It might be an irritation putting the wheel clamp on every time you leave the vehicle alone, but how long does that simple precaution take?’
    • ‘She says that to gain entry to the park, thieves had to saw through padlocks, break through a barrier and also take wheel clamps off the ‘vans.’
    • ‘Matt Leach, marketing manager of Bargain Booze, explained that the promotion built on another campaign carried out in 2002 using fake parking tickets and cardboard wheel clamps.’
    • ‘The restrictive yellow wheel clamps were slapped on 19 vehicles in total and a car low-loader transported the majority away to a DVLA pound.’
    • ‘Don't try to remove the wheel clamp yourself as you can be accused of causing criminal damages.’
    • ‘Laurent wasn't very lucky after ending up with a wheel clamp on his Chrysler Voyager people carrier and a £120 fine for failing to pay and display.’
    • ‘It costs £80 to have a wheel clamp released or £160 impounding fee plus £15 per day storage if the vehicle remains unclaimed for more than 24 hours.’
    • ‘‘Pendle Council could fine people or use wheel clamps or whatever, but they won't do it,’ said Mr Allen.’
    • ‘It pays to read the signs before leaving your car in a car park or other private land in England: security guards can impose enormous instant fines, and enforce them by immobilizing your car with a wheel clamp.’
    • ‘A police spokesman said removing wheel clamps in this way is criminal damage and they would investigate any reports they receive.’
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  • with object Immobilize (an illegally parked car) with a wheel clamp.

    • ‘The vehicle was wheel-clamped by Carstoppers for parking across two bays on a private car park in Haworth.’
    • ‘They will wheel-clamp your car if you don't move.’
    • ‘The DVLA wheel-clamping unit will be clamping vehicles that are not taxed.’
    • ‘He displayed his disabled sticker but returned to find his vehicle wheel-clamped.’
    • ‘I read the report about a student being wheel-clamped in Bishop's Wharf.’
    • ‘A nurse whose car was wheel-clamped on hospital grounds as she dealt with an emergency has threatened her bosses with legal action.’
    put out of action, disable, prevent from moving, prevent from working, make inoperative, render inactive, inactivate, deactivate, paralyse, cripple
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wheel clamp