Definition of wheel and deal in English:

wheel and deal


  • Engage in commercial or political scheming, especially unscrupulously.

    ‘the wheeling and dealing of the Wall Street boom years’
    • ‘Similarly we are not interested in the political wheeling and dealing between the major parties that shapes council business.’
    • ‘But with his wheeling and dealing, he was too big a threat.’
    • ‘But I leave all that other wheeling and dealing to my husband.’
    • ‘In the model of ethnic democracy minorities are disadvantaged but can improve their position through politics of wheeling and dealing.’
    • ‘They're mostly employed in what they consider to be honorable pursuits, the wheeling and dealing, the bestowing of favors in the form of contracts, and generally being unproductive.’
    • ‘For his part Preece recognises the part he has to play in the arrangement and has been busy wheeling and dealing with four players leaving the club on loan deals in the last week.’
    • ‘The last-minute negotiations for Republican votes resembled the wheeling and dealing on a car lot.’
    • ‘Although these will certainly play a key part in appealing to people around the world, political wheeling and dealing are essential too.’
    • ‘I'm just angry at the wheeling and dealing that goes on in politics.’
    • ‘Both were incapable of disengaging from political wheeling and dealing when it mattered.’