Definition of whatshisname in English:


(also whatsisname)


  • Used to refer to a man or boy whose name one cannot recall, does not know, or does not wish to specify.

    ‘you look like that famous singer, whatshisname’
    ‘that guy we used to be so mad at, old whatshisname’
    • ‘He recently met "whatsisname from Pulp", who he thought was very funny.’
    • ‘If Kenny's not on, which he won't be at that time, just tell the new guy, whatsisname.’
    • ‘I'll have to admit that when I offered the use of my apartment to whatshisname, I did have the feeling that I wouldn't be needing it any time soon.’
    • ‘I am not getting all dressed up and buying an expensive gift for Karen and Whatshisname only to have a crusty bun and potato salad.’
    • ‘That one geek, whatshisname, seemed to know enough about it to at least make sure it's working right, wouldn't he be able to explain things?’
    • ‘Whatshisname was pretty much an equal opportunities killer - if you got in the way of his mission he'd kill you irrespective of whether you were a dwarf, elf or human.’
    • ‘She was clearly thinking this person, whatsisname, might win: best to get all bases covered.’
    • ‘That nice Adam whatsisname off the telly reckons I could do my accounts online anyhow.’
    • ‘He was in contention for the Open title, but faded in that strange final round with everyone else, except Whatshisname.’
    • ‘According to whatsisname up there any reference to him being angry cannot be motivated by observing him being angry.’
    • ‘Some of the women liked whatshisname.’
    • ‘She is married to whatshisname.’
    • ‘What about whatshisname, the gambler, who surely ought to be in jail by now?’
    • ‘I first met whatshisname, when I spoke at the Oxford Union while he was its president.’
    • ‘This bit with whatshisname talking to the "people at home" about their outfits is making me uncomfortable and it isn't very funny, quite frankly.’
    • ‘Kirsten had tipped me off that whatshisname was going to cook for me.’
    • ‘I bet the bottle isn't as big as it looks when whatshisname grabs it.’
    • ‘It's probably the fault of that French bloke, whatshisname.’


Late 17th century: contraction of what's his name.