Definition of whatshername in English:


(also whatsername)


  • Used to refer a woman or girl whose name one cannot recall, does not know, or does not wish to specify.

    ‘King Kong dragged whatshername to the top of the Empire State Building’
    ‘what is Lady Whatshername wearing?’
    • ‘To his rescue, to head off any eviction warrants, comes Mrs Whatsername, from Whatever Company, complete with a patronising understanding smile.’
    • ‘It begins in September and commemorates the wedding of Crown Prince Thingy and Princess Whatshername back in 18 whenever it was.’
    • ‘They should get Debbie whatshername as the stand in.’
    • ‘Outside, mist and drizzle envelop neighboring skyscrapers, and in conversational pauses I can't help but flash on images of King Kong dragging whatshername to the top of the Empire State Building.’
    • ‘If you are out there, Mac, and in touch with your friends, please put me out of my misery and convey my heartfelt apologies to Miss Whatshername?’
    • ‘I thought whatsername recovered from her septicaemia remarkably quickly.’
    • ‘I looked forward to her letters and then one afternoon, out of the blue, a telephone call to say they were playing a Perry Como record that evening, dedicated to me from the lovely whatshername.’
    • ‘I got to the point where Mary whatshername was trapped in a jail and I gave up.’
    • ‘We do not need to know that Mrs Whatsername nicked something from the supermarket.’
    • ‘The FBI keystone cops have been aware of it for months, having made a good quid for their Christmas party by selling the information to Valerie Whatsername at the White House.’
    • ‘Susan whatshername was in floods of tears.’
    • ‘In the words of Gloria whatshername, I will survive!’
    • ‘The nation thanks whatshername for her longtime valuable service and blah blah blah.’
    • ‘That Rosie Whatshername was there, wearing that see-through vest thing.’