Definition of what's new in English:

what's new


  • 1(said on greeting someone) what's going on? how are you?

    ‘‘Hello Preston, what's new?’’
    • ‘Once the local gossip was out of the way, she took to her usual habit of saying, ‘So what's new?’’
    • ‘The Mothership also landed on Tuesday to eat our pasta and to sit on the couch asking, ‘So, what's new?’’
  • 2Used to express the fact that a situation is entirely predictable.

    ‘United were unlucky … so what's new?’
    • ‘I have been very remiss in my posting (so what's new about that, Denise?) and am here to profess my sorrow and renewed commitment.’
    • ‘To which an archenemy of capitalism might ask: yeah, so what's new?’
    • ‘Today I shall be whingeing about everything (so what's new)?’
    • ‘Of course I despair at the paucity of the budget, but what's new?’
    • ‘Oh, well, people always criticize presidents and their speeches, so what's new?’
    • ‘My initial reaction to MIND's campaign is to think, well what's new?’
    • ‘They are almost invariably polarised at one extreme or another - but then, what's new!’
    • ‘We're doing well, although we need more money, but what's new?’
    • ‘The Brits, of course, seem gung-ho for such a relationship - but then, what's new?’
    • ‘And pity Amir isn't around to support his claims but what's new?’