Definition of whammy bar in English:

whammy bar


  • A tremolo arm on an electric guitar.

    • ‘It still contains the familiar whammy bar pyrotechnics that make him a byword for class amongst guitarists, but here it's tempered with some edgy electronica that broods, teases and worries.’
    • ‘To the guitar riffs he said nothing, letting the ear splitting dissonance of the whammy bar do all the talking for him.’
    • ‘Above a crescendo of feedback and distorted whammy bar dive bombs, we finished on one last vaguely harmonious ‘yeaaaa,’ and the small group of people at the back of the hall went wild.’
    • ‘‘Give Me Every Little Thing’ is pure bliss, from the interstellar electrical storm opening to the whammy bar keytar solo that closes it out.’
    • ‘Those of you who thirst after ever-more magic from the dark wizard of the whammy bar should really seek this thing out.’
    • ‘It's an intoxicating throwback - guitar effects are mostly limited to reverb, tremolo and the occasional whammy bar; it's as if feedback and fuzz tone still haven't been discovered!’
    • ‘Aficionados of the ‘widdly widdly’ school of guitaring, bend your whammy bars with joy.’
    • ‘The sitar also has huge frets and loose strings that will bend four or five tones with a little pressure, aka whammy bar.’
    • ‘My favourite instrument here is her whammy bar.’
    • ‘Smith punched out the chunky metal riffs on his Gibson guitar, while George inserted fleet-fingered leads and deafening whammy bar dips on his Gibson Explorer.’
    • ‘When I hit the whammy bar, it was like it the most sublime experience.’
    • ‘After giving him a signal, Iggy ripped into a lightning-quick solo full of tremolo picking and whammy bar use.’
    • ‘He unfortunately often forgot about groove and tempo, resorting to his whammy bar to sync him back into a rhythm.’
    • ‘My Strat, she is a heavy burden - literally, the thing weighs nine tons, and as much as I love the whammy bar the guitar is incapable of staying in tune.’
    • ‘In fifth grade, I had a snazzy red electric guitar with a whammy bar that I never really learned how to play.’
    • ‘The caption serves up yet another bad pun: ‘Fighters serve up a double whammy on promo circuit,’ referring to the whammy bar on a guitar, and the fact that their latest CD is a double.’
    • ‘Relying on a whammy bar for innovation, Donaldson imbues ‘This Time’ with a threat of grit before Shaw's charm-schooled vocals banish the menace.’
    • ‘He gives the whammy bar on his Stratocaster a workout on Gave You What You Wanted, and displays his prodigious piano technique on Swanee River Boogie.’
    • ‘String bends, two-handed tapping, arpeggios, chromatic notes, and whammy bar dumps blaze through the leads with refreshing unpredictability.’