Definition of whalebone whale in English:

whalebone whale


  • another term for baleen whale
    • ‘In the coastal waters, the fattening or wintering areas of fifteen toothed whale species and six whalebone whale species are located.’
    • ‘It was the fancied resemblance of these rakers to the whalebone of the whalebone whales that suggested the vernacular name ‘bone shark’ to the whalemen of olden times.’
    • ‘The food of the whalebone whales is largely the small crustacea which occur in the plankton, though some whales (humpback, fin whales, and sei whales) feed also on fish.’
    • ‘Baleen Whales, or whalebone whales, called scientifically the Mysticeti, which are toothless, can weigh up to 150 tons and grow up to 100 feet.’
    • ‘Of the other five whalebone whales on our coasts, one, the humpback, has an enormous fore flipper, equalling about one third of the mammal's length - some 45 feet.’
    • ‘The throats of whalebone whales are grooved, longitudinally, indicating the presence of pleats that allow an enormous expansion of the throat cavity when water is taken in.’
    • ‘Whales are divided into two groups: toothed whales and whalebone whales.’
    • ‘The high productivity of the Antarctic Ocean provided for the rise of sea mammals there, especially the whalebone whales.’
    • ‘Most people are familiar with the fact that whalebone whales range up to nearly 100 feet in length, but tend to overlook the fact that the internal organs must reach a proportional size.’
    • ‘Japan announced in June this year to increase the hunt and killing of small whalebone whale to 850 and those of finback and humpback.’
    • ‘The baleen or whalebone whales have no teeth, only a flexible horny substance called baleen suspended from the upper jaw, which acts as a sieve or strainer.’
    • ‘He reckons the greatest danger to lie in the hunting of true whales, or ‘whalebone whales’, with thirteen thousand killed every year ‘by the Americans alone’.’
    • ‘The blow holes are either 2 longitudinal slits in the MYSTACOCETI (whalebone whales), or a single crescentic slit in the ODONTOCETI (toothed whales).’
    • ‘There are the whalebone whales, or true whales and toothed whales.’
    • ‘This specimen was a rorqual (Balænoptera rostrata), and one of its characteristics was a series of furrows in the skin covering the throat and chest, which distinguished it from the ordinary whalebone whale.’
    • ‘A ‘right’ whale is the right one to catch - that is to say, a whalebone whale of good quality and abundant oil.’
    • ‘About two dozen kinds have been identified including sperm whale, shark-toothed porpoise, both long and short beaked porpoises, river dolphin and several kinds of whalebone whale.’
    • ‘There was a description of a new genus and species of whalebone whale from the Calvert Cliffs, Maryland.’