Definition of wettie in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A wetsuit.

    ‘she straddles her board, facing out to sea, the water filling her wettie and growing warm against her body’
    • ‘The water is colder too—I have scratches on my ankles from trying to pull my wettie legs back down but being unable to feel my legs or fingers while doing so.’
    • ‘He whinges, he moans, but when push comes to launch, it's always Craig who wriggles into his damp wettie and makes it look sweet.’
    • ‘If you are a man, wear shorts over the wettie.’
    • ‘I didn't even have a wettie, due to my lack of faith in the wind.’
    • ‘I pull out my wettie and head to the coast.’
    • ‘Pete sighed and retrieved his wettie out of the back and I stared out at the weather.’
    • ‘A witness and surf photographer said the force of the collision shredded his mate's wettie.’
    • ‘I was wearing my old, thin, but most importantly, still dry wettie.’
    • ‘It definitely wasn't summer, as five minutes on the wrong side of the wettie at Ocean Beach could have woken you from a coma.’
    • ‘He says he needs this diet to prevent freezing in his wettie.’