Definition of wet bulb in English:

wet bulb


  • One of the two thermometers of a psychrometer, the bulb of which is enclosed in wetted material so that water is constantly evaporating from it and cooling the bulb.

    • ‘Comfort conditions were calculated from dry bulb, wet bulb and globe temperature measurements as well as wind speed.’
    • ‘For this Friday Market in Kuwait, hot dry external air is humidified with jets of atomized water, and cooled to near wet bulb temperature.’
    • ‘Add the current relative humidity from the data logger; WXSIM will adjust the vapor pressure, dew point, and wet bulb temperature.’
    • ‘It will also read temperature, humidity, dew-point, wet bulb temperature, wind chill index, heat index, barometric pressure and altitude.’
    • ‘A wet bulb thermometer is simply a thermometer with the bulb wrapped in moist muslin.’