Definition of westernize in English:


(also westernise)


  • 1 Cause (a country, person, or system) to adopt or be influenced by the cultural, economic, or political systems of Europe and North America.

    ‘the agreement provided for the legal system to be westernized’
    ‘the more westernized parts of the city’
    • ‘It retains its own culture, for good or for worse, setting it apart from the glossy westernized cultures of Mumbai or Delhi and some other big cities.’
    • ‘It has become increasingly unpopular in the United States, Australia and other westernized countries to import goods from countries with sweatshops.’
    • ‘The family is very westernised by Algerian standards.’
    • ‘In the early 1800s, Alexander I began to carry out further plans to westernize the government by attempting to create a Duma, or representative body.’
    • ‘Women's attitudes towards feminism, the clothing they wore, and other beliefs and behaviors were subjected to scrutiny by Spanish modernizers who saw women as key to Europeanizing and westernizing Spain.’
    • ‘He's very westernized, but has some great views of other cultures.’
    • ‘These groups usually are less westernized than the upper class and more oriented to Turkish culture.’
    • ‘In 1864, a system of limited local self-government was introduced and the judicial system was partially westernized.’
    • ‘The woman's son is westernised, listens to pop music and prefers to hangout with his friends rather than study.’
    • ‘He notes that in developing countries the rates are rising too and in particular among the affluent who have adopted westernised lifestyles.’
    • ‘Despite the eighteenth - century efforts of Peter the Great to introduce westernizing corruptions, Dostoevsky believed in the fundamental religious and social integrity of Holy Russia.’
    • ‘Peter attempted to modernize and westernize the country militarily, administratively, economically, and culturally, often through the use of force.’
    • ‘Somerville said: ‘Japan's younger people are quite westernised, but they also have their own approach to fashion.’’
    • ‘The country managed to maintain its independence because the kings realized that their country could only escape Western control by developing and westernizing the country.’
    • ‘The joint family system, where grandparents, uncles, aunts and grandchildren often all live under one roof, is still the norm among all but the most westernised urban families.’
    1. 1.1[no object]Be in the process of adopting or being influenced by the systems of the West.
      ‘a westernizing tribe’
      • ‘There are some people who are extremely well educated and westernised, and some people who are not at all.’
      • ‘You can go to Shanghai or Beijing, but they are far more westernised.’
      • ‘Her father feared she was becoming westernised.’
      • ‘Discussing the influence of Western life on Indians, especially those in the impressionable age, he pointed out the extent to which some Tamils had become highly westernised in their outlook.’
      • ‘My ideology has become westernised in the extreme.’
      • ‘Chindonya troupes date back to the end of the nineteenth century, when the Japanese way of life was rapidly becoming industrialized and westernized, and manufacturers decided it was essential to advertise new products.’
      • ‘However westernized we get, we are still Indians at heart and these things are still quite unacceptable here.’
      • ‘Morocco is a Muslim country but very westernised in its tourist areas.’
      • ‘He and his friends, westernised young upper middle class men, had never been to Hira Mandi.’
      • ‘The morning event is traditional and the evening event more westernised and far more familiar.’
      • ‘Myong-dong and Namdaemun market offer a glimpse of traditional daily life but have become highly westernized with most of their items for sale being more western than Korean.’
      • ‘The music soundtracks have an R&B feel, and are blatantly more westernised.’
      • ‘What's more, she provides a look at New Delhi as the city westernizes into a circus of cellphones, saris, golf foursomes, hennaed hands and shiny cars.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, French and British influence gained in the region; the population steadily westernized.’
      • ‘He says the problem is that the middle classes are becoming more and more westernised.’