Definition of West Indian in English:

West Indian


  • 1A native or inhabitant of any of the islands of the West Indies.

    • ‘Donald contained the West Indians to 250 for seven - still 36 runs behind - toiling for 22 overs grabbing four wickets for 67 runs in the process.’
    • ‘Black Americans and West Indians solidify when [a threat is posed from] someone else.’
    • ‘Incidentally, Viv Richard's West Indians set the record against Sri Lanka in which recalled batsman Aravinda de Silva was a teenager who scored five before falling to Richard's bowling.’
    • ‘The panel included voters from every Test nation, still their final choice of five came from only three teams - two Australians, two West Indians and an Englishman.’
    • ‘After that win the Indian team began to believe it could beat the West Indians, whereas earlier it was only a dream.’
    • ‘Now, the West Indians have overtaken that Indian batting display at Port of Spain.’
    • ‘Only last year, he played the innings of his life, taking the West Indians to a sensational triumph against the Englishmen in the Port of Spain Test.’
    • ‘These fundamentally contrasting images and generalisations about Asians and West Indians are not hidden away in private conversations, to be teased out through subtle research.’
    • ‘South African captain Shaun Pollock and left-hander Nicky Boje batted sensibly to deny the West Indians a further break-through after tea, which was taken at 152 for seven wickets.’
    • ‘The Greater and the Lesser Antilles are a group of islands that make up the West Indians.’
    • ‘Man to man Clive Lloyd's West Indians of 1979 were superior and so, perhaps, was the Australian side under Waugh in 1999.’
    • ‘About 300 West Indians also enlisted in the RAF for aircrew duties and subsequently about 5,500 volunteered for ground duties.’
    • ‘Scottish people and West Indians are not dissimilar, in the fact that they both like to have a good time.’
    • ‘Many black Africans and West Indians found employment on British vessels as personal servants or more often in the formal role of cooks or stewards.’
    • ‘There equal disdain between Black Africans and West Indians as there are between West Indians and Africans, which is clearly not based on skin color.’
    • ‘Barbadian Americans, like other West Indians, are friendly people.’
    • ‘A Man From The Sun is an exploration of the difficulties faced by West Indians new to Britain.’
    • ‘I am aware that although Europeans and North Americans tend to clump us all in as West Indians, each of the islands are proud of their many differences.’
    • ‘The West Indians, led by Shivnarine Chanderpaul, put up unexpected resistance in the first test, but still lost in four days, even though rain allowed only 25 overs to be bowled on the third day.’
    • ‘Only time will tell whether the impact is of more lasting significance but, for the time being, West Indians are relishing the reflected glory of the greatest batting achievement in Test cricket history.’
    1. 1.1 A person of West Indian descent.
      • ‘He highlights the contribution which British West Indians have made to the development of modern Costa Rica.’
      • ‘Since the 1960s, immigrant Asians and West Indians have lacked confidence in the British Government's capacity to deal with them justly.’
      • ‘English is the first language of some of the Blacks who are descended from West Indians.’


  • Relating to the West Indies or its people.

    ‘West Indian music’
    • ‘Leaders of Bradford's West Indian community today reacted angrily to the Home Office's decision to make Jamaican nationals apply for visitor visas before being allowed into Britain.’
    • ‘Chisholm was born to West Indian immigrants on Nov. 30, 1924, in Brooklyn, but spent her early childhood with her grandmother in Barbados.’
    • ‘Back in Brooklyn in 1992, Burrell threw himself into the dancehall scene established by NY's large West Indian community.’
    • ‘The essay competition was held as part of Police Week 2000 activities, which began on Thursday 23rd November with a Police family day, featuring West Indian dishes.’
    • ‘Lara said that it was most hurtful and astonishing to hear that he craved captaincy so deeply that he undermined a previous captain and underperformed to the detriment of West Indian cricket.’
    • ‘Look out for the scarlet ibis, pawi, oilbird, blue and yellow macaw, bearded bellbird, purple honeycreeper, West Indian manatee, ocelot, golden tree frog’
    • ‘Their players have virtually all stood by the club, and, with former West Indian Test star Alvin Kallicharran adding to their strength, seem to be odds on certainties to reclaim their premier status.’
    • ‘It reflects a moment in which Jamaican pop music was synthesising Black R&B and West Indian mento music.’
    • ‘He actually made 191 runs, and in so doing eclipsed the record previously held by Sir Vivian Richards as the most prolific West Indian batsman ever!’
    • ‘The authors conclude that the present era ‘has created much heartache for West Indian cricket fans.’
    • ‘With skipper Simon Kellett in good touch and former West Indian Test star Alvin Kallicharan also in the line-up then Dunnington have plenty of batting firepower.’
    • ‘The assistant banqueting manager, who is of West Indian origin, started work as a casual waitress at Elland Road in 1992, and was slowly promoted through the organisation.’
    • ‘Having grown up in an East London suburb rife with West Indian culture, listening to reggae and rare grooves, Bascom initially found himself rather confused by North American pop culture.’
    • ‘The magazine gave a pioneering generation of writers the confidence to use authentic West Indian settings and situations, characters and speech.’
    • ‘The village has 33 air-conditioned cottages which, as Ti Kaye's Patois name suggests, are actually small wooden houses of traditional West Indian design.’
    • ‘With money being scarce, many illegal West Indian women succumb to ‘Nanny Syndrome,’ taking care of American families, mostly Jewish, for very low wages.’
    • ‘Each of these coaches will be mandated to develop personalised coaching plans for each West Indian cricketer - such a plan should aim to address their weaknesses and develop their strengths.’
    • ‘Well, I kind of grew up around West Indian music because of the area where I lived.’
    • ‘Veronica, who lives in Watchfield, is hoping to organise a concert called Carnival Messiah, which is based on Handel's Messiah but with West Indian rhythms.’
    • ‘The beat of very loud West Indian music could be heard emanating from the house, and he had to wait some time for an answer.’


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