Definition of wersh in English:



Scottish, Northern English
  • Lacking flavour; weak or insipid.

    • ‘The hares here are wersh and tough.’
    • ‘He tried a sip of the beer but he disliked it even more than the whisky: it had a wersh insipid flavour.’
    • ‘The soul sickens at the monotonous sweetness of such a wersh existence.’
    • ‘He was a wersh-lookin' soul, and I couldna understand the half o' his English tongue.’
    • ‘A kiss and a drink of water is but a wersh breakfast.’
    tasteless, flavourless, unflavoured, savourless, bland, weak, thin, watery, watered-down, unappetizing, unpalatable
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Late 15th century: of uncertain origin.