Definition of Wellywood in English:



  • New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, regarded as the centre of the New Zealand film industry.

    ‘there's no shortage of cash in Wellywood’
    ‘half the fun of living in Wellywood comes from finding a path between all the trailers’
    • ‘Wellywood has deservedly drawn the spotlight for its blockbuster feature films.’
    • ‘The innovation generated along the way means Wellywood still beats Hollywood on some fronts.’
    • ‘These are the companies associated with Peter Jackson's Wellywood.’
    • ‘Mug shots of prisoners in the Terrace Gaol are featured along with a caricature of Wellywood movie mogul Sir Peter Jackson.’
    • ‘The tech wizards of Wellywood have figured regularly since The Return of the King swept all before it in 2003.’
    • ‘In the last 12-18 months I've seen the criticism applied to Wellywood for the same reasons.’
    • ‘Now you can get a taste of Wellywood at the Weta Cave movie museum.’
    • ‘He's had a taste for the limelight and is now leaving Wellywood to try his luck in Hollywood.’
    • ‘But from the land of endless sheep and dwindling bird life a new imagery has arrived, a modern mythology placed there with the help of Hollywood, or should I say, Wellywood.’
    • ‘Hollywood can't get enough of Wellywood, with stars of The Hobbit gushing praise for director Sir Peter Jackson at the film's world premiere in his hometown of Wellington.’


1990s: a blend of Wellington and Hollywood.