Definition of well founded in English:

well founded


  • (especially of a suspicion or belief) based on good evidence or reasons.

    ‘their apprehensions were well founded’
    • ‘There are very real and probably well-founded reasons for not being so easily moved.’
    • ‘Each found the other's intelligence and well-founded opinions refreshing and they began to talk.’
    • ‘The doctor in charge of the case duly informed the social worker and the police of her well-founded suspicions.’
    • ‘I have no doubt that the Chief Constable's opinion is well-founded.’
    • ‘I am only saying that the society where they live is pervaded by a deep sense of mutual distrust and suspicion, which are well-founded.’
    • ‘And so he realized their skepticism was only natural, their suspicions well-founded.’
    • ‘Dubai's modern reputation as a city in which to shop in has a well-founded base since the early days of trade.’
    • ‘There is plenty of evidence that such suspicions are at least partially well-founded.’
    • ‘Accordingly, it does not yield knowledge, if knowledge involves understanding and not just well-founded conviction.’
    • ‘In the end, his fears proved well-founded, although trouble would next emerge from a different quarter.’
    • ‘Either the judge read this carefully and thinks the order is well-founded, in which case he isn't a very smart judge.’
    • ‘But that would only reinforce well-founded opinions that I long ago used up any ideas of my own.’
    • ‘A requirement that the defendant's belief be well-founded is ambiguous.’
    • ‘Visits to public places revealed that grievances of the physically disabled people are legitimate and well-founded.’
    • ‘What do you mean by a well-founded suspicion if you do not simply mean a reasonable suspicion?’
    • ‘If it is a well-founded objection, then that will bring the proceedings to an end immediately.’
    justifiable, justified, warranted, legitimate, defensible, supportable, sustainable, tenable, well grounded, valid, admissible, allowable, understandable, excusable, warrantable, acceptable, reasonable, logical, sensible, sound, just, bona fide, genuine, plausible, credible, believable
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well founded