Definition of well built in English:

well built


  • (of a person) having a strong, sturdy physique:

    ‘he was about six feet tall and well built’
    • ‘Before he reached it though the door opened and a man came out, a tall, well built man with blonde hair.’
    • ‘He had once been a burly, well-built man who, she imagined, had worked every available hour of every day to ensure that his farm ran smoothly and profitably.’
    • ‘A tall, well-built man jumped down from the carriage and moved forward to greet Alicia, kissing her cheek before helping her up into the vehicle.’
    • ‘It was nearly an hour before the tall, well built man finally emerged from the front door.’
    • ‘My body type is quite top heavy; I have a very well built upper body that has nothing really to do with the amount I exercise.’
    • ‘A tall, well built man, his head held erect, he was walking very rapidly.’
    sturdy, sturdily built, strapping, brawny, burly, hefty, broad-shouldered, muscular, muscly, well muscled, strong, robust, rugged, lusty, herculean
    hunky, beefy, husky, hulking, ripped, shredded
    thewy, stark
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well built