Definition of well appointed in English:

well appointed


  • (of a building or room) having a high standard of equipment or furnishing.

    ‘comfortable and well-appointed apartments’
    • ‘It's got a really well-appointed gym so unfortunately I'm going to be spending a lot of my time there over the next wee while.’
    • ‘You hear this on television talk shows, you read it in the newspapers, you hear it in well-appointed homes.’
    • ‘I have almost always found that if you give well-screened renters a clean, well-maintained, well-appointed apartment they will take care of it.’
    • ‘Their large, well-appointed house and the reality of having his own bedroom did not seem to mean as much to David as the time he spent just laughing and joking around with his foster parents.’
    • ‘And instead of grunting out a subsistence living, I get to sit in a well-appointed room and get paid for thinking up new ideas and trying them out with rare and expensive equipment.’
    • ‘There are 59 well appointed rooms (in four different room categories) with rich wood furnishings and classic polished floors.’
    • ‘There'll be inside dining and hours of al fresco delight around the well-appointed bar.’
    • ‘He would usher us into his large, well-appointed office.’
    • ‘Many of its 460 well-appointed rooms, all in contemporary style, have great views of Parliament and the London Eye.’
    • ‘Their room is well-appointed with comfortable seating for 160 and ample room between the 20 tables.’
    • ‘Ban or no ban, the status-symbol wood is regarded as an integral part of a well-appointed home.’
    • ‘He has the best food, the best wine, a well-appointed house and aides to do his bidding.’
    • ‘Rooms are well-appointed and meals are included.’
    • ‘He and the rest of the crew were staying in a suite of well-appointed rooms several kilometres out of town, lent to them by the locals as a sign of gratitude.’
    • ‘There is a smoky, well-appointed bar upstairs and a clamorous, narrow dining room down below.’
    luxurious, luxury, sumptuous, palatial, opulent, splendid, magnificent, lavish, grand, rich, superior, high-class, quality, exclusive, choice, select, elegant, fancy
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well appointed