Definition of weightless in English:



  • (of a body, especially in an orbiting spacecraft) not apparently acted on by gravity.

    • ‘She felt light, weightless, as if she were lying on a thick layer of foam.’
    • ‘She felt strangely weightless and ready to drift off with the next breeze.’
    • ‘Her body slowly felt weightless and she landed softly on her hands and knees.’
    • ‘Learn to feel weightless in the water by balancing your body in the water.’
    • ‘The final year physics undergraduates plan to study the crystallisation of protein solutions in weightless conditions.’
    • ‘So far little is known of how the female body is affected by weightless conditions.’
    • ‘Once in space, astronauts must adapt to microgravity, a nearly weightless environment.’
    • ‘Water's buoyancy makes a swimmer feel weightless and reduces stress on joints in the spine, hips and knees.’
    • ‘The ship will not go fast enough to get into orbit, but the pilot will be weightless for three minutes.’
    easy to lift, not heavy, weighing very little, lightweight
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