Definition of weigh on in English:

weigh on

phrasal verb

  • Be depressing or burdensome to.

    ‘his unhappiness would weigh on my mind so much’
    • ‘It is no longer just the economic losses suffered by the finance, entertainment and tourist industries in Queensland that should be weighing on the Premier's mind.’
    • ‘People don't forget information like that, and it weighs on their minds.’
    • ‘That depressing trend no doubt weighed on the minds of the delegates who gathered this week in Boston for the Democratic National Convention.’
    • ‘Terrorism really is a huge problem, whether it's weighing on our minds on a particular day or not.’
    • ‘Those questions weigh on the general's mind.’
    • ‘The immediate prospect of financial cutbacks weighs on his mind.’
    • ‘Rising oil prices and interest rates, coupled with US stock markets being at their lowest level for nine months, are believed to be the major concerns weighing on consumers' minds.’
    • ‘I was getting ready for that important meeting that was weighing on my mind but it no longer mattered.’
    • ‘One of the things that has been weighing on my mind is the reorganization we are going through at work.’
    • ‘Despite the burden that weighed on his mind, the swordsman never felt happier in his life.’
    • ‘Investors worry that high oil prices, which helped boost the trade deficit by 12%, will weigh on the economy and depress stock prices.’
    • ‘With many factors weighing on the minds of these graduates, many roads can be taken to begin employment.’
    • ‘If it's really weighing on your mind then apologize.’
    • ‘Does the danger of a road accident weigh on the mind of cyclists?’
    • ‘I know what he did was wrong, but this has been weighing on his mind for a long time.’
    • ‘It would be nice if the security situation was more under control than it is, and this weighs on investors' minds.’
    • ‘Yeah, there has been something weighing on my mind over the past month.’
    • ‘Since I know something is weighing on your mind anyway, you might as well tell me what it is.’
    • ‘The Middle East has been weighing on my mind lately.’
    • ‘What are the issues that are weighing on their minds?’
    oppress, lie heavy on, press down on, burden, be a burden on, be a burden to, weigh down, cast down, hang over, gnaw at, prey on, prey on someone's mind
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