Definition of weigh a ton in English:

weigh a ton


  • Be extremely heavy.

    ‘his boots were completely waterlogged and weighed a ton’
    • ‘It was an old fashioned cylinder mower which weighed a ton and needed sharpening every five minutes, but I loved it.’
    • ‘He's had to cross the Alps with a backpack strapped to him that weighs a ton.’
    • ‘These deluxe mattresses weigh a ton, and you can't get the fitted sheets on without hauling them on to one side.’
    • ‘I bought the Van Gogh and Gauguin exhibition catalogue on leaving the Stedelijk and it weighs a ton.’
    • ‘Every reference book seems to weigh a ton.’
    • ‘You really need to put him on a diet, he weighs a ton.’
    • ‘If you're flying with golf clubs, you no longer have to pack your golf bag in a hard-shell travel case that weighs a ton.’
    • ‘The book, titled To Be or Not to Be, weighs a ton!’
    • ‘To start with, the bag weighs a ton.’
    • ‘I'm gonna need a forklift because all the baggage weighs a ton’
    • ‘He was at the head of the queue to get a GSM mobile telephone in the days when they cost a fortune and weighed a ton.’