Definition of weever in English:


(also weever fish)


  • A small, long-bodied fish with eyes at the top of the head and venomous dorsal spines. It occurs along eastern Atlantic coasts, typically buried in the sand with just the eyes and spines protruding.

    Family Trachinidae: several genera and species

    • ‘If a weever fish or stingray stings you, you will experience intense pain lasting for about two hours.’
    • ‘Until I dived off the beach at Criccieth in north Wales, I had never seen more than a fleeting glimpse of a lesser weever, the most common venomous fish around Britain.’
    • ‘When disturbed, weevers erect a dark-colored and highly venomous dorsal spine.’
    • ‘All weevers have venomous spines on their back and on the gill-covers.’
    • ‘Pectoral fin on upper side has black tip thought to mimic dorsal fin of venomous weever fish to deter predators.’
    • ‘The only poisonous fish regularly found around UK shores is the weever fish.’


Early 17th century: perhaps a transferred use of Old French wivre ‘serpent, dragon’, from Latin vipera ‘viper’.