Definition of weepy in English:



  • 1Tearful; inclined to weep.

    ‘seeing a bride always made her feel weepy’
    • ‘Children who need Pulsatilla tend to be weepy, sensitive, and clingy.’
    • ‘Jon likes to pretend he's the hard-core guy, but he is the softest-hearted, most emotional, weepy, spiritual guy inside.’
    • ‘Discovered in a dustbin, weepy April Showers grows up in foster homes.’
    • ‘I was weepy all night!’
    • ‘Now was not the time to get all emotional and weepy.’
    • ‘I don't mean to get all weepy, I'm just… really sensitive is all.’
    • ‘I hate that I am weepy and don't get anything done at all.’
    • ‘You will return to my blog and blubber all over me in weepy gratitude once you've heard them.’
    • ‘Baby blues may leave you feeling weepy, easily upset, or excessively worried for 3 to 4 weeks.’
    • ‘I also feel very weepy, clingy, and generally over emotional, but it only seems to happen at night.’
    • ‘The childless-by-choice generation are a world away from the image of weepy Bridget Jones characters.’
    • ‘I was very upset and emotionally drained, and very weepy.’
    • ‘Andromeda does not like it when I am unhappy and weepy.’
    • ‘I don't want him to see me all weepy with gratitude.’
    tearful, in tears, crying, weeping, sobbing, wailing, snivelling, whimpering
    close to tears, on the verge of tears, with tears in one's eyes
    emotional, upset, distressed, sad, unhappy
    teary, blubbing, blubbering
    lachrymose, larmoyant
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    1. 1.1Sentimental.
      ‘a weepy made-for-TV movie’
      • ‘If the soundtrack is any indication, the movie will alternate between sleep-inducing banality, weepy sentiment, and dumb stunts.’
      • ‘It was a weepy movie with a feel-good ending.’
      • ‘IF YOU are a fan of romantic comedies or good old - fashioned weepy films then you'll know that the soundtrack makes the film.’
      • ‘The problem with weepy movies much of the time is that they're made to tug at your heartstrings, and they use every trick in the book to do so.’
      • ‘Emma Thompson gives Carrington plenty of emotional gravity, carrying off scenes that might otherwise seem weepy and sentimental by giving them a touch of the pathological.’
      • ‘Later this weekend possibly I will see a weepy movie.’
      • ‘There was none of the weepy sentimentality of the crowds who camped out on the night before Princess Diana's funeral.’
      • ‘While you have to drag me kicking and screaming into sentimental, weepy Disney flicks, this one really got me.’
      • ‘I think that some people thought she played her role too weepy and cutesy.’
      • ‘Blimey, what a Christmas week for weepy movies.’
      • ‘As a young woman I was a great fan of the caution-to-the-winds romantic gesture, mostly found in books and weepy melodramas.’
      • ‘I like sad songs, weepy movies, I'm a sentimental drunk.’
      • ‘That thread is dropped, though, in favor of a number of weepy aspects that drive the ending to saccharine heights.’


  • A sentimental film, book, or song.

    • ‘Sarah Polley is in good form in this romantic weepy about facing premature death.’
    • ‘It's a heart-warming weepy from the associate producer of Sleepless in Seattle.’
    • ‘Eastwood is going to shift gears for the final third and turn it into a melodramatic weepy of the worst kind.’
    • ‘The junior weepy, for five to nine-year-olds, will bring a tear to the eye of adult and child alike.’
    • ‘In the 30s perhaps one of every three films - and I mean not just the Busby Berkeley and Astaire-Rogers musicals, but westerns, weepies, Marx Brothers farces - had original songs.’
    • ‘It hasn't reached these shores yet but apparently it's a weepy.’
    • ‘JM Barrie's story is a charming weepy that keeps sentimentality at bay.’
    • ‘Part weepy, part thriller, the deliberately paced action is infused with unpredictable psychological insights and spiky dialogue.’