Definition of weebill in English:



  • A very small Australian warbler with an olive back, yellow underparts, and a short, stubby bill.

    Smicrornis brevirostris, family Acanthizidae

    • ‘Many of the animals associated with these eucalypt forests - such as the brushtail possum, northern brown bandicoot, agile wallaby, delicate mouse, red-collared lorikeet, brown honeyeater, silver-crowned friarbird, weebill and white-bellied cuckoo-shrike - are widespread in Arnhem Land.’
    • ‘Just before we boarded the bus, I saw at least four weebills in a tree.’
    • ‘The weebill's nest, a dome with a side entrance, is rather large for such a small bird.’
    • ‘I follow it, infected with new energy myself, through lichen-covered rocks sparkling with mica, climbing on the rims of small sandstone cliffs at the bends, and down again through spiky vegetation, where weebills chirp, hidden in the yellow gorse.’
    • ‘Our closest park, Arapiles has over 111 bird species recorded, weebills, thornbills, honeyeaters, lorikeets, parrots, tree creepers, red-rumped parrots, robins, superb blue wrens, and babblers amongst many others.’