Definition of wedgebill in English:



  • An Australian songbird of the logrunner family, with a wedge-shaped bill, long tail, and upright crest.

    Sphenostoma cristatum, family Orthonychidae

    • ‘More than 100 species of birds have been recorded here, including fairy wrens, finches, grass wrens and wedgebills.’
    • ‘Woodcreeper bills vary, however, from the long scimitar-shaped beak of the scythebill, half as long as the bird itself, to the short beak of the wedgebill, with its slightly upcurved lower mandible.’
    • ‘Seeing any of the whipbirds, wedgebills, and jewel-babblers can be a challenge to the observer.’
    • ‘This volume continues coverage of the passerines and provides detailed descriptions of 107 species, including the pardalotes, gerygones, thornbills, robins, babblers, wedgebills, quail-thrushes, whistlers and shrike-thrushes.’
    • ‘Australian whipbirds and wedgebills have eggs that are light blue with black scribbles very boldly marking them.’