Definition of wedge shell in English:

wedge shell


  • A marine bivalve mollusc which has a somewhat triangular shell.

    Family Donacidae: Donax and other genera

    • ‘This time I found a sea star with a live wedge shell in its mouth.’
    • ‘Shellfish such as small cockles, nut shells and wedge shells are also probably taken.’
    • ‘It's always best to let clams hang in salt water a day to let them purge themselves of sand, although the wedge shells seem to contain very little.’
    • ‘A complex investigation into cockles and wedge shells, the project topped 159 other entries from students in the region.’
    • ‘As soon as the oil begins to smoke, drain the clams and wedge shells and add them to the pot; they'll open immediately, adding their juices to the pot.’