Definition of wedding ring in English:

wedding ring


  • A ring worn by a married person, given to them by their spouse at their wedding.

    • ‘They grabbed her left wrist and tried to pull off a gold bracelet and remove her wedding ring.’
    • ‘When he asked for help in choosing a wedding ring for Valerie, she said yes.’
    • ‘Her wedding ring and plain gold earrings are her only jewellery, plus a few red beads and tight bangles on one wrist.’
    • ‘She'd become so thin that her wedding ring was loose, able to wobble up and down between her knuckles.’
    • ‘The gold wedding ring on his finger flashed in the sunlight.’
    • ‘He was so upset that he took off his wedding ring, and threw it out of the window.’
    • ‘The groom puts a wedding ring on the ring finger of the bride's left hand, and the bride may also give the groom a ring.’
    • ‘A tungsten wedding band is a good choice for a wedding ring because of its durability and quality.’
    • ‘Many women also wear their gold wedding ring with a diamond engagement ring and an eternity ring.’
    • ‘A quantity of cash was stolen as well as various items of jewellery, which included a necklace with a wedding ring hung on it.’
    • ‘If the bride or groom reacts to the metals found in certain types of jewelry, a platinum wedding ring is the way to go.’
    • ‘My original wedding ring was lost, and I have struggled with how or whether to replace it ever since.’
    • ‘In that raid John had taken jewellery, a wedding ring, a computer and other items worth a total of £3,700.’
    • ‘More recently, she was pictured arriving in Los Angeles - and she wasn't wearing her wedding ring.’
    • ‘Absentmindedly, Clara takes off her wedding ring and plays with it, spinning it around.’
    • ‘She pointed to my wedding ring and said that she had not noticed it before.’
    • ‘She wore a sapphire engagement ring and a broad-band wedding ring and she looked more than capable of managing a business life and a tribe of kids.’
    • ‘On one occasion all her jewellery was taken except for her wedding ring.’
    • ‘And I noticed he had a wedding ring on and she did not, and there were sparks between them.’
    • ‘She puts the lipstick away in her handbag, sits back and looks out to the ocean, then twists her wedding ring around her finger.’
    • ‘She was barefoot and wore what seemed to be a wedding ring.’
    band of gold, marriage token
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wedding ring