Definition of wedding list in English:

wedding list


  • A list of items that a couple about to get married have asked to receive as presents.

    • ‘If I ever got married again the first thing on the wedding list would be ' no towels '. "’
    • ‘He lives in Shetland so he put his wedding list on the internet which was a great idea.’
    • ‘Even guests are having to pay out more to attend the big day, with the total cost of the wedding list rising by 1,500 in the past two years alone.’
    • ‘I shall put one on my wedding list.’
    • ‘This has fuelled evermore imaginative and, in some cases, extravagant wedding lists.’
    • ‘Wedding lists are for people who don't have two tea-towels to rub together because they're nineteen and live in Stamford Hill.’
    • ‘Brown Thomas has gone live with a new computerised wedding gift service, which allows couples to scan the barcodes of items they wish to place on their wedding list.’
    • ‘Wedding lists normally request items for the house, cutlery, crockery and such like.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, 2,000 couples were left without their presents when the wedding list retailer Wrapit collapsed.’
    • ‘Some people consider wedding lists vulgar, but then they probably inherited all their china.’
    • ‘As society develops and changes so customs such as the wedding list are changing too.’
    • ‘And at a mere 48 years old, there should be loads of time left for him to notch up a few more wedding lists.’
    • ‘We even have people registering their wedding lists with us.’
    • ‘Department store chain John Lewis reported last year that the value of its wedding lists had risen by 20 per cent in a single year.’
    • ‘Now it also contains a unique new section created by Paula Onslow, who has years of experience in helping couples to plan and organise their perfect wedding list.’
    • ‘Of the £ 3,533 worth of presents on the wedding list, no less than one-third are connected with alcohol.’
    • ‘Four in ten said they prefer to choose a gift from a wedding list whilst over half prefer to choose a gift themselves.’
    • ‘For couples about to embark on a formal rollercoaster ride of commitment, I reckon essential elements on the wedding list are games machines and cooperative titles.’
    • ‘If only I'd gone down the road most couples take and opted for a wedding list.’
    • ‘To avoid dragging crystal cut glasses out from under the stairs for the best part of this century, create a wedding list at Good Gifts or Nearly Married.’