Definition of wedding bells in English:

wedding bells

plural noun

  • Bells rung to celebrate a wedding (used to allude to the likelihood of marriage between two people)

    ‘they were seen everywhere together, and her friends could hear wedding bells’
    • ‘The sounds of wedding bells pealed through the air.’
    • ‘You can now forget wedding bells between the two of us.’
    • ‘Speaking of music, there are to be more wedding bells in the future.’
    • ‘A string quartet and 25-strong gospel choir provide the music when wedding bells ring for two couples at Grizedale Forest.’
    • ‘With wedding bells around the corner and a host of interesting releases lined up for next year, she's looking forward to the coming year with expectation.’
    • ‘She and I both knew it was only a matter of time until wedding bells rang.’
    • ‘She is now with her boyfriend Frank Woods for over three years and despite rumours, she is adamant that wedding bells are still a long way off.’
    • ‘But even before the sound of wedding bells can resonate, the groom-to-be is mysteriously killed.’
    • ‘But there was no announcement, no wedding bells.’
    • ‘With wedding bells in the air again, Cathy insists that she wants March 24 to be special and unforgettable.’
    • ‘Sexy Samantha is just about to break millions of hearts - the young stunner is going to move in with her boyfriend and wedding bells may also be ringing soon.’
    • ‘I can already hear the wedding bells, just kidding!’
    • ‘Rumours are that the wedding bells will ring sometime in September.’
    • ‘When villagers awoke to the sound of wedding bells at Brompton near Scarborough in 1802 they never dreamed literary history was being made at the local church.’
    • ‘And what about the rumours about wedding bells?’
    • ‘Oh yes, one kiss and she sees fireworks and hears wedding bells.’
    • ‘I think you're right about those wedding bells.’
    • ‘In the 60s, romance having blossomed and wedding bells on the way, Hugh joined Theresa so that they could work together in her family's restaurant business.’
    • ‘So we can't be sure whether we will hear wedding bells just yet, however, the vital signs look good.’
    • ‘It's a romance-filled week: wedding bells may ring for some, while others may fall into a passionate love affair.’
    • ‘The wedding bells had hardly stopped ringing in his ears and the ink had hardly dried on his marriage certificate when he broke yet another vow.’