Definition of webspace in English:



mass noun
  • 1An amount of disk storage space allowed on an Internet server.

    • ‘I am endeavouring to sort myself some proper webspace to make this easier to access and to enable readers to post comments.’
    • ‘The UK's largest cable company - which has three million residential punters and more than a million broadband users - intends to offer free email, security and personal webspace as standard.’
    • ‘The webspace lapsed and, for over a year, I've given it little or no thought.’
    • ‘A few months ago, the FTP to this webspace stopped working, and try as I might I could not alter this.’
    • ‘Also, they still haven't activated my webspace.’
    • ‘One way of producing detail-rich, high impact photographs while staying within reasonable bounds on download time and webspace usage is to go black and white.’
    • ‘I've even got some webspace on the school server I'm not using these days, so I could host for a while.’
    • ‘But due to nearly five years of accumulated words residing on this domain, I didn't have enough webspace available to host them.’
    • ‘I'll get used to the process of course, and I'll make use of it to keep a better grip on the material, but I'm sure there will be times when I'll hanker after simpler times when I had more webspace than I could ever fill.’
    • ‘I deleted all my old stuff from my ISP's webspace, checked I was under the 10-megabyte limit, and switched over to the new account.’
    • ‘Ironically, I'm moving to paid webspace very soon, but not soon enough.’
    • ‘I'm just an amateur snapper who happens to have bought some webspace.’
    • ‘The software uploads your large files to your private webspace on the Personal FTP server, opens a new email, and places a download link onto the email, all in a few clicks.’
    • ‘For a monthly fee - £3.50, £6.40 or £10.70 - you get webspace and a powerful, elegant weblog building tool.’
    • ‘This file will not be available indefinitely - I am far too parsimonious with webspace for that.’
    • ‘I may try moving the whole blog over to the new webspace, but my Blogger-generated Archives are in such a state of disarray that I am worried I may lose quite a few of them if I make the move.’
    • ‘All universities give students webspace, so provided you can write HTML you can have a website, but most can't.’
    • ‘The company, which continues to investigate the problem, has confirmed that its subscribers also experienced difficulties accessing email and personal webspace for around four hours on Tuesday night.’
    • ‘As my current webspace is getting filled up with photos rather quickly this is worth investigating.’
    • ‘This is why it's best to use your own ISP's webspace if you can.’
  • 2The environment in which communication over computer networks occurs; cyberspace.

    • ‘People may choose to wander around in webspace and leave a conversation at any time while others may choose to stay.’