Definition of webisode in English:



  • 1An original episode derived from a television series, made for online viewing.

    • ‘Average Joe interest in advertising continues to rise, whether it be a Jerry Seinfeld ‘Webisode’ or a TV spot touting fried chicken as part of a healthy diet.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide all webisodes of our shows for free.’
    • ‘To hear Johnson tell it, last summer he hit upon the idea of offering online Bridges webisodes that would lead to a cliff hanger resolved at the start of the next Friday-night show.’
    • ‘If ‘The Office’ repeats on NBC aren't enough for you, Webisodes of the show debut on July 13.’
    • ‘Finally there are "webisodes" which are 2-3 minute flash episodes made for the internet (produced in 2000), as well as trailers for other Columbia television shows on DVD.’
    1. 1.1 An online video that presents an original short film or promotes a product, film, or television series.
      • ‘Burnett produced a series of more than 100 Webisodes, or short Web-based films, that followed Army recruits through basic training’
      • ‘The fine lads at Empire promise to run a new scene/clip/webisode from the production every day this week and we've got the first one - along with the trailer - below the break.’
      • ‘Guests, including Def and Q-Tip, gathered in a cozy Williamsburg studio to record, and watching the fly-on-the-wall webisodes, it looks like a ton of freewheelin' fun.’
      • ‘The original plan was to create several 10 - minute "Webisodes" for the now-defunct Digital Entertainment Network, a streaming-video Web site.’


1990s: blend of web (in the sense ‘World Wide Web’) and episode.