Definition of webcam in English:



  • A video camera connected to a computer, allowing its images to be seen by Internet users.

    • ‘And where once I could shout to my pals from the bedroom window, now it is all international phone calls, emails and webcams.’
    • ‘Computers and webcams will link to large plasma screens so everyone can get a good view.’
    • ‘A special note to users of webcams - if you want to share pictures, you must upload them to a publicly accessible area.’
    • ‘At the very least unplugging the USB connection of a webcam when it's not in use would be a good idea.’
    • ‘Podcasting and Internet radio allow anyone to become a DJ, and digital video cameras and webcams are used by a new generation of filmmakers.’
    • ‘Last Sunday the boy hooked up his new webcam to his computer in his room and sent his first images to his homepage.’
    • ‘I want to know that this phone will work with other webcams that are already out there.’
    • ‘Now, the point about a webcam is that you should be able to point it at different things.’
    • ‘Spanish police have arrested a man suspected of writing a Trojan horse which spied on users via webcams.’
    • ‘Instead she is one of a growing army of women around the globe who open up their private lives to the world via Internet webcams.’
    • ‘The Johannesburg Zoo web site has several webcams that provide a glimpse into the lives of some of its residents.’
    • ‘Every office will also have internet, broadband and webcams so that those who have an office can look at it in the evenings to make sure everything is safe and secure.’
    • ‘Each student is set to get their own laptop computer and webcam and their families will also be able to get computer training.’
    • ‘Ok, I am sold on webcams and video conferencing.’
    • ‘But all the technology is of solid 2004 vintage, reliant on the omnipresence of mobile phones, webcams and internet access.’
    • ‘With a USB cable and software, it doubles as a webcam for video chat.’
    • ‘A worm capable of using webcams to spy on users is circulating across the Net.’
    • ‘The only thing you need is a computer, a broadband network connection and a webcam.’
    • ‘By connecting the camera to your PC, you can also use it as a webcam.’
    • ‘There is also a posh built-in webcam for instant video conferencing.’