Definition of webbing in English:



mass noun
  • 1Strong, closely woven fabric used for making items such as straps and belts, and for supporting the seats of upholstered chairs.

    as modifier ‘webbing straps’
    • ‘To remedy this, there is a loop of webbing on the bottom of the pack to put a waist strap through and keep it from sliding up.’
    • ‘The girls were lounging on the grass; Ann sat in a decrepit aluminum chair, its woven webbing frayed.’
    • ‘Instead of a ribbon tie, use nylon webbing that slips through two small metal loops or a buckle.’
    • ‘Attached to a single center of gravity by a harness made of strong webbing, hang gliders fly with bodies vertical.’
    • ‘The sling itself is available in 1-inch or 1.25-inch widths and is made of heavy nylon webbing.’
    • ‘Narrow strips of fabric or leather webbing were interlaced across a seat frame, and a piece of linen was tacked above it.’
    • ‘I have a piece of purple webbing knotted in a loop that I untie and wrap around my forearm.’
    • ‘I'm even more surprised that there's no secondary securing mechanism, such as strapping or webbing, round the piles of plates in the cupboard.’
    • ‘If you have been in an accident, replace the seat belts and the webbing of the child restraint used during the accident.’
    • ‘The boards are then shaped with hand tools, given four or five coats of yacht varnish, and have a webbing hand strap attached.’
    • ‘If you want to add more, get webbing, backpack straps, metal buckles and so forth.’
    • ‘It was available in oak weave or with cotton webbing, a seat covering more suggestive of indoor use.’
    • ‘There are three-point seatbelts for every passenger, and force-limiting devices on the belts on the four outer seats prevent bruising from the webbing.’
    • ‘It attaches to the suspension webbing with a hook/loop strap.’
    • ‘Each harness is made of wide, heavy-duty nylon webbing to better distribute the work load and thick padding for extra comfort.’
    • ‘The end goes around the tree, and the rest of the line passes through the loop, making it adjustable and in theory placing much less stress on knotted webbing, although I have no evidence that says it really does this.’
    • ‘There were two foldable aluminum seats with nylon webbing.’
    • ‘While they come in many shapes and sizes, snowshoes tend to have a wooden frame with webbing stretched around it.’
    • ‘The harness consists of two shoulder straps, made from a medium-grade webbing, which are comfortable and mould to your torso without being too stiff.’
    • ‘Linen was also used for fire hoses, parachute webbing and heavy-duty canvas.’
    mesh, netting, net, lattice
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    1. 1.1 The system of belts, pouches, and straps worn by a soldier as part of his combat uniform.
      • ‘Helmets (which are easy to don in case of immediate threat) are, at this stage, permitted to be removed and are stacked neatly nearby with webbing - just in case.’
      • ‘My hand fell to my belt webbing, cupping a fragmentation grenade.’
      • ‘Nonetheless, he has taken some solid hits, and there is a drunken, halting roll to his steps as he staggers towards the prize, tugging at the webbing of his uniform.’
      • ‘The basic British infantryman, like his French and German contemporaries, was issued with his uniform, webbing and a rifle with bayonet.’
      • ‘The British standard webbing only has two pouches, while webbing used by US and Israeli soldiers, and some police forces, has far more storage space.’
      • ‘Mr Wooldrige has been collecting items of military history since he spotted some Army webbing by the side of the road as a seven-year-old.’
      • ‘Inside the warehouse, one of the bags contained an identity card, while military webbing and boot soles were visible in others.’
      • ‘He didn't reply as he took a collection of weapons, strapping them to his webbing.’
      • ‘Two were dressed only in underpants and webbing while others appear with towels while shaving.’
      • ‘The field equipment included compasses, binoculars, webbing and backpacks, which will be issued to more than 230 recruits on the latest course at the Metinaro training facility.’
      • ‘Most of the soldiers slept, but 40 minutes before they reached the drop zone they were on their feet strapping their heavy rucksacks, filled with rations, water, ammunition and their weapons onto clips on their webbing.’
      • ‘Vegetation can also be attached to webbing to break up the straight lines of the pouches.’
      • ‘Bring webbing if you have it, or borrow some on the day.’
      • ‘No longer will you have to squint in the field trying to see if you are talking to a lieutenant-colonel or a mature-aged private because their webbing is covering the epaulettes.’
      • ‘All events were combat-related, requiring the wearing of webbing and helmets and, for some practices, the wearing of gas masks.’
      • ‘There are more guards on the narrow stair and landing, and each step upwards means a brush with webbing and ammunition belts.’
      • ‘Still wearing his uniform and combat webbing, the son of a Canadian soldier jumped into the chest-deep sludge and began searching, reaching out with his arms, diving under in futile attempts to find her.’
      • ‘As well as standard infantry operations, the week of night training involved an intense physical schedule, with running in webbing, swimming and a pack march added to the night-fighting theme.’
      • ‘They walked with their webbing packed full of ammunition and in their haversacks they carried five days' bully beef and biscuits and a minimum of personal gear.’
      • ‘In less than a minute, 50 hulking men have poured out from a blockhouse wearing camouflage, black berets and webbing, and clutching assault rifles.’
      web, criss-cross, grid, lattice, net, matrix, mesh, tracery, trellis
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  • 2The part of a baseball glove between the thumb and forefinger.

    ‘just when the ball is about to go past him, he leaps up and snags it in the webbing of his glove’
    • ‘Pinch the webbing between your thumb and index finger and push toward the bottom knuckle of your index finger.’
    • ‘You try to expose as much glove as you can and hope to catch it in the webbing.’
    • ‘Reiser went to his left on the play, put up his glove and the ball stuck in the webbing.’
    • ‘I came in and I knew I could make a play, but the webbing in my glove was like a string.’