Definition of weaver ant in English:

weaver ant


  • A tropical ant which builds its nest between leaves that are fastened together using silk secreted by the larvae.

    Genera Oecophylla and Camponotus, family Formicidae

    • ‘One group of lowland gorillas, for instance, eats termites but not weaver ants, while another group is the other way around; both insects are common in both locations.’
    • ‘It is probably no coincidence that Ed loves weaver ants.’
    • ‘In extreme cases, particularly in large, monogynous colonies, such as in weaver ants, the entire body of the queen is covered by a seething shell of guards.’
    • ‘For example, African weaver ant colonies compete with each other for territories, with one colony eventually excluding the other.’
    • ‘In Bako National Park on the island of Borneo, a little red Leaf beetle of the subfamily Chrysomelinae has made the mistake of alighting on a tree where a colony of weaver ants has fashioned a nest.’
    • ‘A University of Massachusetts team has now shown the amazing way they do this, using high-speed photography on honeybees and weaver ants walking on glass, and studying the foot structure under a microscope.’