Definition of weaver's knot in English:

weaver's knot


  • A sheet bend used for joining threads in weaving.

    • ‘The latter evidence comes from the presence of weaver's knots, which are commonly used to make nets of secure mesh.’
    • ‘Tomorrow we'll be learning how the fibers are joined together with weaver's knots to create one long string that is then fed through the loom with a spooler.’
    • ‘In addition, too much time would be required to cut the free ends of the weaver's knot to a consistent length.’
    • ‘Binders use a weaver's knot to tie a new thread to the old.’
    • ‘They set me to threading shuttles, and tying weaver's knots, and such things, and now I have improved so much that I can take care of one loom.’
    • ‘I personally dislike the look of real knots such as weaver's knots or overhand knots.’
    • ‘The weaver's knot bears a close relationship to the bowline knot, as a careful study of both knots will show.’
    • ‘Then it was inspected, and frayed yarns were replaced, and broken yarns were tied with weaver's knots.’
    • ‘Everybody said it took two weeks to train a new loom tender to tie a weaver's knot.’