Definition of weatherfish in English:



  • A yellowish-brown freshwater loach which is reputed to become restless at the approach of stormy weather.

    Genus Misgurnus, family Cobitidae: the European M. fossilis, and the Asian M. anguillicaudatus, which has also been introduced to North America

    • ‘The weatherfish most often lives in slimy waters, in old river beds and in ditches.’
    • ‘There is a concern that weatherfish could be predators of native fishes or parasite and disease vectors.’
    • ‘Oriental weatherfish, which are native to northeastern Asia and central China, prefer still or slow moving, shallow waters with mud bottoms.’
    • ‘The origin of the name weatherfish is due to their habit of responding to changes in barometric pressure by becoming very active and swimming in rapid circles just before major weather changes.’
    • ‘Under experimental conditions oriental weatherfish tolerated temperatures as low as 2°C, and cold shocks from 6°C to 18°C and vice versa.’
    • ‘At the same time mudminnow, bitterling and weatherfish are protected by law in Serbia as natural rarities, which provides protection not only of species but of their habitats as well.’