Definition of weatherbound in English:



  • Prevented by bad weather from travelling or proceeding with a course of action.

    ‘we just managed to beat a south-westerly gale into Loch Ewe, where we were weatherbound for the next two days’
    • ‘The RAAF Hudson reconnaissance plane that had sighted the convoy earlier added to general difficulties by becoming weatherbound on the strip, but was cleared by means of flares lit, amidst enemy bullets, by WO Burke.’
    • ‘So how did we spend the last of the three weatherbound days in Bakkagerdi?’
    • ‘They made it as far as Culdaff Bay yesterday and like me are weatherbound.’
    • ‘The Allies sent out fighter escort forces of over 1,000 planes, and on days when the heavy bombers were weatherbound, fighters and fighter bombers went out to rake Nazi airfields.’