Definition of weather forecasting in English:

weather forecasting


  • See weather forecast

    • ‘The use of radar and other instrumentation helps meteorologists track storms and study rainfall patterns, making weather forecasting more accurate.’
    • ‘Imagine how limited our weather forecasting would be without meteorology satellites.’
    • ‘Storm chasing is not only carried out for the purpose of weather forecasting.’
    • ‘The data will help scientists better understand how sources of local pollution affect air quality, and will improve weather forecasting and climate prediction.’
    • ‘He created the term anticyclone and pointed out its importance in weather forecasting.’
    • ‘A scientist called Vilhelm Bjerknes, who lived in Norway around the turn of the century, was one of a group of experts who first formulated the problem of accurate weather forecasting in terms that we would recognise today.’
    • ‘The 18th century saw many improvements and innovative ideas regarding weather forecasting.’