Definition of weather chart in English:

weather chart


  • A map showing the state of the weather over a large area.

    • ‘All committed surfers can read an Atlantic weather chart and predict what the surf will be like days in advance, but if that's all too much trouble for you there are several websites and phone numbers you can dial up for a surf check.’
    • ‘The hallways are lined with children's work, including stories, weather charts, and other projects they have produced.’
    • ‘If things went well, at the beginning of the week, the four crew would be doing all the work, explaining what we did as we went along, from putting up sails to navigating, polishing the brasses, building weather charts and making the tea.’
    • ‘He sits at a bench with a jug of water, poring over flight plans and weather charts, just like the rest of them.’
    • ‘They annotated these weather charts with areas of high seas, poor visibility, low cloud-cover, turbulence, and high winds.’
    • ‘Prior to this weather charts had been presented on screen with captions.’
    • ‘Forecasters often inform us that in rural spots temperatures could fall low enough to give a touch of ground frost, even when air temperatures on weather charts are above freezing.’
    • ‘It looks like a weather chart for October, not the middle of June!’
    • ‘Remember, you don't need a team director with a map, weather charts and a radio to tell you what to do.’
    • ‘When isobars on a weather chart are close together, it will be a blustery day.’
    • ‘I'd been watching the weather charts for days with increasing concern as ‘snow’ was mentioned over and over.’
    • ‘The lines on a weather chart are known as isobars and represent areas of equal pressure.’