Definition of weasel's snout in English:

weasel's snout


  • A small wild Eurasian snapdragon with reddish-purple flowers, naturalized in Britain and North America.

    Misopates formerly 'Antirrhinum' orontium, family Scrophulariaceae

    • ‘Corncockle and weasel's snout, lapwing, bittern and water vole: not, as they sound, the ingredients of a witch's brew, merely the most picturesque of the flora and fauna that risk becoming casualties of the latest example of administrative failure.’
    • ‘On the county's arable farm land the cornflower, the corn buttercup, the dense flowered fumitory, the Venus looking glass and the weasel's snout are all in decline.’
    • ‘‘With names like weasel's snout, dwarf spurge and broad-fruited cornsalad, some arable plants sound as if their proper place is in a Shakespearian witches' cauldron,’ she said.’